Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Balloons and Bottles

When stranded on a desert island, the appropriate protocal is to write a message, put it in a bottle, throw the bottle into the sea, and hope that it will wash up onto a civilized beach where someone will find it.  The finder is expected to send help, I suppose, or, depending on the message, simply know that there is someone out there trying to communicate with an unknown recipient.  A blog is like that.  One does not know whether it will be found and read, nor who will read it.

I am not on a desert island.  I live near the Continental Divide in Colorado.  As you probably know, a raindrop falling on the Continental Divide might end up in the Pacific Ocean if it is in a stream going west, or end up in the Gulf of Mexico if it happens to become part of a flow to the east.  I could put messages in two bottles, send one each direction, and wait to see if either is found, and where.

School children sometimes put messages in balloons, send them up, and hope someone finds them.  It is a fun experiment if there is a response.  If not, it could be that the balloon was never found or it could be that the finder did not choose to acknowledge the find and report back.  Like the kids, I am curious to know whether my balloons will be found.

Who will find the messages in my bottles and balloons?  If it is you, please let me know.


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One thought on “Balloons and Bottles

  1. I like your message – and I’m sure a little bird in the shape of your wife will help it scatter to greater unknown destinations. I look forward to reading your serial book chapters to come.

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