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Wonder Horses

With the exception of that sissy kid who played with girls, the first heroes of all male Baby Boomers were Roy Rogers and Davy Crockett.  In addition, Superman was a hero of the era.  However, I want to make a distinction.  Superman was not really super.  He was an actor benefiting from special effects.  Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, was also played by an actor, the finest actor of his day, Fess Parker, but Davy was an actual historical figure, unlike Superman, who was based on a comic book character.  Roy Rogers was not an actor.  Roy Rogers played himself, Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys.

I remember the name of Davy Crockett’s rifle.  It was Old Betsy.  I do not remember the name of his horse.  Everyone, even the sissy kid, knows the name of Roy Rogers’ horse, Trigger.  Everyone!  Even girls!  Girls watched Roy Rogers on TV because of Dale Evans, Roy’s wife.  Dale started the feminism movement by retaining her last name even after marriage.  Her horse was named Buttermilk.  Previously, I misremembered the name and mistakenly called her Buttercup.  However, a nice reader pointed out my error in the comment below so I made the correction.

Buttermilk was a really fast horse, but Trigger was just a little faster.  Each was faster than any other horse.  They could always catch up to the horses of the bad guys.

Trigger was cooler than Buttermilk in another way.  Trigger could do tricks.  He was smarter than the horses of the bad guys and also smarter than Buttermilk.

I don’t remember all the tricks that Trigger could do but I do remember that they were amazing.

Get a load of this — I have a horse that does amazing tricks.  That makes me a lot like my hero, Roy Rogers, both with trick horses.


As those of you who have read my previous blogs already know, I am married to Miss Sugar, who is a girl.  I don’t mind.  Yes, now I play with girls.  But so did Roy Rogers.  We have lots in common.

My trick horse is named Scamp.  He is generally considered my horse because Miss Sugar wants me to ride him because we are both “big.”  However, to be honest, Miss Sugar is the one who taught Scamp his tricks.  She is also the one who has him perform them.  She is like Dale Evans, only better, because I doubt Dale Evans taught Trigger to do his tricks.

Scamp can count, he can answer “yes” and “no,” he can tell a secret, he can smile, he can bow, and he can stand on a platform.

How did Miss Sugar know how to teach a horse such tricks?  Well, back in Texas an old man in Conroe taught her the tricks to teaching tricks.  Back then, Miss Sugar had another horse, who was named Apache.  Apache lived to be 32 years old.  He accompanied Sugar from Texas to Colorado.  Apache deserves his own blog by Miss Sugar.

Scamp has always been a Colorado resident.  He never met Apache and he never met Trigger.  They could have had some fun together, all being wonder horses.  Me and Roy Rogers could have had some fun together too, both being cowboys with trick horses.

scamp bowing


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11 thoughts on “Wonder Horses

  1. Linda on said:

    Dale Evans horse name was Buttermilk.

  2. Weren’t Roy and Dale just wonderful? When they sang ‘Happy Trails’ , it just warmed a little kid’s heart, almost made us cry. My older brothers and I spent every Saturday morning watching RR & DE and all those western shows… My Friend Flicka, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Sky King, Fury… good old days!

  3. My momma met Trigger in Chicago when she was a little girl. She even got to “shake his hoof”, since Trigger didn’t have hands. . . .

    it was one of the highlights of her early life!

    We had one of their record albums growing up, by the way. Loved their music . . . thanks to my poppa (that and Sons of the Pioneers, and many others)

  4. A horse who can do tricks! You guys have the coolest animals! I love hearing about them…and seeing the photos.

  5. I wonder if Miss Sugar could teach my son to do tricks like clean up after himself. That would be nifty!

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