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Oh, Say Can You See?

The High Park Fire here in Larimer County, Colorado burned over 87,000 acres.  Consequently, there has been lots of smoke.  Last week, the wind was blowing it our direction.  Miss Sugar’s eyes were bothering her.  (Mine weren’t bothering me because I am way too tough.)  I went to the pharmacy and purchased some good eyedrops called Systane.  It cost $12 for a little bottle.

When Sugar saw the receipt, she remarked, “Those poor firemen!  If they buy their own eyedrops, they are spending a lot.”  She looked at the bottle and saw the Systane drops came from Fort Worth, Texas, made by Alcon Laboratories, Inc.  So she contacted Alcon, talked to someone about the fire and the 2,000 firefighters.  She worked into the conversation that she grew up in Texas.  She asked Alcon to donate some eyedrops and offered to distribute them.  Her Southern charm worked.  Ask and ye shall receive!  The next day boxes and boxes of eyedrops arrived, sent by Alcon via overnight mail.  Bless Alcon for its generosity.

Since then, Miss Sugar has distributed nearly 2,000 bottles of Systane eyedrops at various fire stations and the Red Cross.  All recipients were very grateful.

I am proud of Miss Sugar for even thinking of the idea.  That is how she rolls.  She saw the cost and thought of the firefighters.  Then she did something about it.  Something kind and generous.  No wonder I love her.


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