Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets


Infamy is nothing to be proud of.

In the aftermath of the horror of the shootings at the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre two days ago, there has been much speculation about the motive of someone who kills innocent strangers who happen to be in a crowded audience.  We might never know.  Whatever the motivation, it is evil and it is sick. 

If the shooter, whose name I will omit for the very reason I am writing about infamy, was trying to get attention as a villain, I point out that such attention is very fleeting. 

How many of us can name some previous shooters who are responsible for similar tragedies?  Do you recall the names of the disturbed murderer who shot the students at Virginia Tech recently and, much earlier, the sniper in the tower at the University of Texas?  Can you name the sicko who shot people Christmas shopping in an Omaha mall a few years ago?   How about the psychopath psychiatrist who shot soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009?  I didn’t think so.

Shooting unarmed people is a crime.  It is a sin.  It is not an accomplishment.


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One thought on “Infamy

  1. You’re 100% correct my friend.

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