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The Abbey

Last weekend, from Friday night until Sunday afternoon, Miss Sugar taught a water color art class at a women’s retreat hosted by the sisters at The Abbey of St. Walburga, which is just ten miles up the road from  our place.

The sisters have crossed paths with us before.  Sugar and I immigrated to Larimer County from Boulder County, Colorado.  So did the convent of St. Walburga.  I never visited the Boulder County location except to drive by.  They had a farm on a busy road east of Boulder.  Surrounded by subdivisions, they no longer felt so cloistered, I presume.  They sold what had become valuable real estate there and purchased or were given a beautiful valley in northern Colorado, just a few miles from the Wyoming border.  They made the move in 1997.  The distance between the locations is approximately 100 miles.

The sisters started out living in modular buildings.  Over the years, a beautiful building was constructed, which includes an inspiring sanctuary in which they worship, as well as living quarters, dining area, offices and even a bookstore.

Although the religious order is considered cloistered, the members are not isolationists and welcome visitors.  They are part of a Benedictine tradition that emphasizes hospitality.  Accordingly, they host a number of retreats during the year.

(You could look at their website, they are technologically advanced nuns.)

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5 thoughts on “The Abbey

  1. I once stayed overnight at a Benedictine monastery in northern New Mexico–Christ in the Desert Monastery. It was a very beautiful and peaceful place. I have visited several monasteries in the United States in my life–mostly Cistercian (Trappist) Monasteries.

    “New Camaldoli”

  2. This looks like a great place for Beau to explore!!!! Or whatever it is he does…….

    Take care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

    • Beau’s spirituality is in question, although it might be good to keep him cloistered. A visit from him, however, could cause the nuns to question their own faith if they find it difficult to forgive Beau his inevitable trespasses.

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