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The Bachelor and Bachelorette

I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have viewed too many episodes of the related TV shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and the copycat show, Sweet Home Alabama.

As everyone who chose to read this blog knows, each of those shows involve many young women or young men vying for the hand of one man or woman in a competition on TV while living in the same house.  Such a situation is not replicating anything found in human experience, with the possible exception of harem life.  Isn’t it unacceptable for one roommate to date the same person as another roommate?  Isn’t that seen as a betrayal of the roommate and isn’t the person dating both considered a two-timer, which is not admirable?  Multiply it tenfold. 

The goal is to find true love.  On the final episode there is to be a proposal of marriage.  Really?  True love is on a schedule.  The central character better find his or her spouse in a set number of weeks from a limited pool of applicants.

The backstabbing in the house shared by the competitors is not surprising.  What is surprising is that some become friends.  They hug one another when someone fails to get a rose and has to go home, as if comforting a teammate who struck out.

Then the loser goes off in a limosine, tearfully declaring his or her love for the person who booted them.  They are usually so surprised that of the 25 or so dating “Emily” that she did not understand the big mistake she just made. 

Ben Stiller recently did a parody of these shows on an internet series called “Burning Love.” 

Prior to the artificial situations broadcast as reality TV, the viewing public would not think of dating 25 people at the same time, nor of being one of the 25 dating the same object of affection of all the others. 

Wait, I have seen it before, just not among humans.  There are many ranches in our area with one bull “dating” dozens of cows simultaneously, similar to The Bachelor.  However, this is a sexist arrangement, as I have never seen dozens of bulls “date” one cow.  They’d kill each other. The guys on The Bachelorette should learn a lesson from the animal world. 

When I was in the dating world, girls with 25 boyfriends were not called bachelorettes.  They were called something that my mother would wash out my mouth with soap for saying.


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One thought on “The Bachelor and Bachelorette

  1. Where I come from it’s 1 bull to a herd… there’s a lot about life learned on a farm ya know! Good post.

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