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Keeping Up With You Know Who

It must be difficult to come up with ideas for a candid reality show.  Do you have any suspicions about just how candid are the scenes?  Do you think that the Kardashians, for example, forget the cameras are rolling? 

Presently, Kris Humphries, the alleged spouse of Kim K, is daring to challenge whether there was a marriage at all, contending that he was just a dupe for a TV wedding that was not real reality.  Are you still with me?

Mr. Humphries and Ms. Kardashian broke up merely 72 days after their much publicized  wedding. 

Usually a wedding kicks off a marriage; however, this groom is claiming that this is not a divorce case to end a marriage, but rather a case about whether there was ever a marriage.  He wants an annulment, which means a determination that there was not a valid marriage.

If there was not a valid marriage, then there is no need for a divorce.  If this is not a divorce case, then the ironclad prenuptial agreement would not apply, his lawyers cleverly argue, because there was no nuptial at all. 

While I am rooting for Kris and not Kim, as a lawyer my own self, I am skeptical about Kris’ legal position.  I would not be surprised if the court finds the marriage was phony, but I would be surprised if it finds that Kris was tricked.  He does not strike me as naive.  I bet he knew the cameras were there.  I bet he knew he was being paid to appear on the Kardashian show.  I bet he knew that Kim has “been around” and I doubt one of the grounds for annulment exists, i.e., that the marriage was not consummated. 

So, Kris, I wish you wish you well, but I’m not betting on your success in this case.  Next time, pick a bride who is really real.  Maybe someone you can spend time with off camera.


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One thought on “Keeping Up With You Know Who

  1. Makes me kinda glad no Hollywood agent ever found me, dragged me out there and had me hooked up in a reality TV show. Of course my life would’ve been so boring the show woulda’ been called. “The Amoeba, the adventures of someone who’s life is even more sluggish than your own!”
    ‘Course now if was in a western setting, I mighta’ considered it 🙂

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