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Miss Sugar’s Brew

For those of you who have read other posts of mine, you know that Miss Sugar is my trophy wife and that Miss Sugar feeds birds.  Today, I want to report on my involvement in bird feeding in a very tangential aspect of her hobby.

I try to be a good husband.  Sometimes, I even make the coffee.  Yesterday, as Miss Sugar was sleeping, I got up and did just that.  I know how to put the beans into the grinder.  I know where to put the filter in the coffee maker and also where to pour the water.  I had to think about it, but I remembered to put the ground coffee into the filter.  I pushed the correct button and the water heated up, ran through the coffee in the filter, and dripped into the waiting coffee pot.  So far, so good.

Then I tackled the more difficult tasks.  I selected two cups from the cabinet above the coffee maker.  Good planning. I had to open the refrigerator to find and remove the milk. I cleverly poured milk into each cup, just the correct amount.  Then, because we like to mask the taste of actual coffee, I needed to find the sugar.  I did not find it immediately.  Sometimes Miss Sugar keeps food items in cabinets, which is very inconvenient for me because I must either remember which cabinet or go exploring.  Nope, it wasn’t where the plates are.  It wasn’t in the silverware drawer, but I was glad to be reminded where she keeps silverware.  It wasn’t by the cereal boxes (which I think would be an excellent place).   Where did that woman put the sugar?

At last, I found a container of liquid labeled sugar concentrate.  Aha!  That seemed better than sugar granuals from a sugar bowl or bag of sugar.  Maybe I could get by without a spoon, although I now knew where the spoons could be found.

So I poured sugar concentrate into each cup and covered the milk and sugar concentrate with coffee.  I figured it would all mix together as I walked upstairs to the bedroom, where I would surprise Sleeping Beauty.

My grateful wife thanked me for the delicious concoction that I had delivered.  We sat in bed savoring the sweet beverage.

Miss Sugar jokingly inquired, “Why does this taste funny?”  What a card!  I took it as a compliment.

“I couldn’t find the sugar bowl but I found the bottle of sugar concentrate,” I explained with pride.

“That is what I feed the hummingbirds,” she revealed.  “It contains special nutrients and vitamins especially for hummingbirds because they are high energy creatures.”

I felt all fluttery inside.

We had a very productive day!

It says “Just Add Water” on the bag above, but coffee works too.

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5 thoughts on “Miss Sugar’s Brew

  1. You crack me up.

  2. bjthoms on said:

    LOL!!! That’s the best laugh I’ve had this day! Bless you:)
    We also have hummingbird nectar! Alan, I feel certain that Miss Sugar realizes what a gem you are!

  3. You, sir, are on a mission to ensure Miss Sugar bans you from her kitchen…. 🙂

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