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In the Eyes of the Beholder

This morning I am sitting in our sunroom as the sun rises and I wish my eyes were cameras so I could share what I see.

At our house, as with many other places, perhaps even at your own home, the sun is coming up in the East.  It has to come up between some low hills, lighting them with warm color.  As the light expands, the red and orange fades and spreads into neutrality no longer tinted but brighter. 

With the brighter lightness, I can see all directions, each with its own beauty.  To the North is a rocky ridge called Greyrock, half a mile beyond our red and white barn.  The ridge is not merely gray, however; it is interspersed with pink rock and green vegetation.  Beyond the ridge is a rock formation appropriately named Steamboat Rock. 

To the South are blue mountains.  They look like someone cut construction paper of two shades of blue and overlapped them.  Occasionally, traffic on the highway changes the still life landscape into a motion picture.  The highway is a mile from our lane so the noise is not disturbing.  Oddly, it is somewhat comforting because it connects us to the civilized world.

The view to the West is everyone’s favorite.   There is the mountain range for which Colorado is famous, the Rockies.  Basically, we are looking at Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest.  Much closer, Dead Man’s Butte is to the Southwest, and the North Poudre streams by within thirty yards. 

If my wife lets me borrow her camera, I will post some photos of these scenes within my view.  In the meantime, use your mind’s eye.


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3 thoughts on “In the Eyes of the Beholder

  1. As a teacher, I’d have to give you an “A” for descriptive writing. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the good grade. You are very kind to compliment my descriptive writing. You shoulda been there.

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