Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Textual Intimacy

Out on a hot date with Miss Sugar, my trophy wife, for lunch after church, we walked into the restaurant (like we were walking onto a yacht) and all eyes were not upon us, which is very unusual for celebrities such as ourselves.  In particular, I noticed a young couple, whose table for two we passed, not noticing us.  You might surmise that they did not notice us, despite our shared charisma, because they were staring deeply into one another’s eyes; however, you would be wrong.

What they were each separately staring at were their respective cell phones.  The girl was smiling, but not at her date.  She seemed amused by what she was reading on her phone.  Likewise, the young man did not notice that the lovely young woman with whom he was sharing a meal was not paying attention to him because, perhaps justly, he was not looking at her.  He was intent on his own phone. 

When Miss Sugan and I sat at our table, I said to her, “Those kids are not interacting with each other.”  She texted me back, “U no it.”


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