Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Political Ambitions

My favorite election victories were won without running.  I was honored when classmates voted me “Most Likely to Succeed” because there was no campaign, simply a blank ballot for which each vote had to be a write-in.  Similarly,  homecoming royalty elections involved no posters, no speech, no campaign.   Passive popularity is cool. 

Another level for schoolkids is the familiar process of nominating classmates and then having the election on the spot.  

In small groups there is the advantage of familiarity and little need to campaign.   Obviously,  grown-up elections require campaigns and campaigns require money.

That is where I draw the line.  Money.  I ain’t gonna beg for money so I can run for election.  If the voters don’t write in my name, then, well, I guess they won’t have the leadership of Boy Mostly Likely to Succeed.

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