Shootin' the Breeze

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Presidential Debates

Tonight is the debate between President Obama and Governor Romney at the University of Denver. 

Consequently, traffic in the City of Denver, especially in the area of the university, has been horrible, so horrible that I talked to two Denver lawyers today who were “working remotely” (from home) because it was too difficult to get to their offices.

I, on the other hand, was able to get to my office in Fort Collins without any traffic jams at all.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It is lucky for me that I was not invited to attend the debates.  It would be an honor to be invited, of course, but since I was not, I get to watch on TV in the comfort of my home with Miss Sugar, my trophy wife.

I am fairly open-minded about the debate.  I want to hear specific ideas from each candidate, as I am sick of the TV advertisements that say little more than what is wrong with the other guy.

It is wonderful that we have this opportunity and technology for voters to get to know more about our choices before the election.

God bless America!


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