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Bygone Days

On our way to town, we would go past two houses by the highway that are no longer there.  Last week they were present.  This week they are not.  One day one was gone and the other was gone the next day.  The smaller one was blue.  The other was a fairly long ranch house.  Now I am having trouble recalling details of structures that I have seen almost daily for over twenty years.

Once when I had car trouble, many years ago, I walked to the larger house and used their phone because it was before I had a cell phone.  A man who lived there gave me a ride back to my car after I called for a tow truck.

I don’t know why these two houses were demolished.  I am guessing it has something to do with widening the highway.  I am not opposed to tearing down the houses.  I am just nostalgic even though I do not know who lived there.

Someone did.  Someone built them.  Families celebrated holidays in them.  Occupants experienced life.  I imagine young couples bringing babies home from the hospital. Kids did homework.  People laughed.  People cried.  I wonder how many people have memories of living in these houses that were homes and now are not there.

Structures come and go.  Some last longer than others. 

People come and go.  Some last longer than others.

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.”


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3 thoughts on “Bygone Days

  1. bloodyredbaron on said:

    I have the same feelings.

  2. elizabeth schorre on said:

    Goodness/That article can your heart. ……Wow.

  3. Home is where you’ve spent time, loved others, and hosted friends and family. I agree, it is sad to see those two homes gone now. Great article, Al!

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