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She Said Yes

Back a spell, Miss Sugar got married with me.  It was a way better deal for me than for her, but I reckon it is her own fault.  Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), as they say.  A deal is a deal.

Anyways, we made a deal, vows actually, so she is stuck with me, which I am very glad about.  I am so glad about it that I want to celebrate.  I’m asking her out on a date because today is our very anniversary.  I hope she says, “Yes.”

I think she might.  I remember the first time I asked her to go on a date.  She said “Yes.”

I remember when I proposed.  She said “Yes.”

If she had not said “Yes” to those invitations many years ago, I would have kept trying.  But since she did say “Yes,” my life became infinitely better.

My life became infinitely better years ago because she shares it with me.

She could have said “No.”  But she said “Yes.”

Ain’t that something?



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9 thoughts on “She Said Yes

  1. Happy anniversary friend! We just did our 38th… seems like only a few years ago. Many more to ya’! JW

  2. Wonderful! I am happy for the both of you. Too much strife in this world, it’s a blessing to see a marriage that showcases love and respect.

  3. Bless you both! You both bring many smiles to those you meet and know!

  4. Yes. 🙂
    ps I hope you washed your Broncos jersey by now. Cruel and unusual punishment for the love of your life. I can send you a clean Green Bay jersey as well to save her from further suffering… and congratulations on your anniversary.

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