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Life Coaching

Recently, I have learned that there are those who offer their services as one’s “life coach.”  Presumably, a life coach can help one set goals, get organized, and, generally, get one’s act together. 

So I talked with an experienced life coach.  She had some very valuable advice, including constructive criticism, with real life examples of how I could have handled many situations in better ways. 

She explained in detail, not just generalities, what I should do to be a better person.  This was not a cookie cutter session in which the life coach gave vague suggestions that could apply to anyone, such as the horoscope writers.  This guidance was specific for me and the areas of my life in which I needed to improve.  It really hit home.  I actually became repentant.  I resolved to work on myself.

I am required to report back to my life coach weekly, at which time I am asked probing questions.  She has no boundaries.  I have been asked whether I timely filed my taxes.  I have been asked if I cleaned out the chimney and whether my tires are in good shape for winter driving.  In particular, my life coach questions my preparation for upcoming tasks, such as cases going to trial. 

Often the questioning makes me uncomfortable, but I feel compelled to answer, even about my weight, dietary practices, exercise frequency, and church attendance.  My life coach is interested in helping me with every aspect of my life.

I am overdue for my next life coaching session so I better call Mom tomorrow.

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