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Deliver Us From Evil

Last night, Halloween, we watched The Exorcist on TV.  I had seen the original at a movie theater in 1973.  Miss Sugar had missed it.  I’m guessing her parents did not let her see it.  (Now you are wondering whether she was a teenager or a grade schooler.  I know but I’m not telling.)

Maybe they should have.  As devout Catholics, they might have enjoyed that the two heroes in the story were both priests.  One, a Harvard-educated Jesuit psychiatrist, who at first doubted the possession of the little girl, and the other, an older priest who had performed exorcisms before and believed in the presence of evil.

What I had forgotten in the intervening 39 years since my first viewing (when I was a newborn baby), was the power of prayer.  The older priest, Father Marin, started out with The Lord’s Prayer when confronting the evil possessing the child.  He also invoked the precious name of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the sovereignty of God the Father in COMMANDING Satan and the other evil spirits to leave the young girl.  He spoke with authority as a servant of his master, the Most High King.  He trusted in the Lord to use him and Father Karras to deliver the girl from evil. 

Evil is not usually so visible as in this Hollywood production.  Still, it was inspiring to me to be reminded that our powerful God indeed delivers us from evil.


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