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Right to Choose

Dylan Klebold’s mother admitted that when she learned he was one of the Columbine shooters, she prayed he would kill himself . He did it.

The Craigslist killer also killed himself, but he did it while in prison, after conviction for murder.

James Holmes, the alleged Aurora theatre shooter, has not been convicted yet, but he is in jail and, reportedly, has attempted suicide.

Should he be prevented from commiting suicide? Would you look the other way if you were on the jail staff? Wouldn’t it be ironic if the jailers would be disciplined for letting the killer kill himself?

Usually “the right to choose” is used in the context of a woman choosing whether to have an abortion, which choice involves the life of another, the baby.  The choices of the men listed above involve whether to continue their own lives after ending the lives of others.

I am not going to write a deep theological or ethical or even legal thesis on this subject. I was just thinking about these three killers (I mean two killers and one accused alleged killer).

For the same reason that Mrs. Klebold prayed for her son to shoot himself, which was probably not for punishment but so he would be spared the legal process in which Mr. Holmes is involved, it might not be malicious for us to allow him that way out of the justice system. He knows whether he is guilty. Maybe he should be allowed the right to choose “to be or not to be.” That is the question.


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3 thoughts on “Right to Choose

  1. I was thinking that it would seem inconsistent for a person to support a mother’s right to abort a pregnancy that would otherwise result in the birth of an innocent baby but not support a criminal’s right to kill himself. The fetus does not have a choice in abortion decisions. A suicidal murderer has already made the choice to kill another. Why not let him do unto himself as he has done unto others?

  2. bloodyredbaron on said:

    Holmes should die at the state’s choosing and it should be quickly.

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