Shootin' the Breeze

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Name Change

I’ve been thinking about changing my name to Peyton Manning.  I like Peyton Manning.  I admire Peyton Manning.  Everyone does.  If I share his name, maybe everyone will like me.  People will return my calls.  Who wouldn’t return a call from Peyton Manning?

Of course, folks will be disappointed when they have to talk to me instead of the Bronco quarterback.  That is why I need to practice imitating his voice and manner of speaking in order to keep up the ruse. 

Don’t ask me for tickets to the game.  However, I will be glad to come talk to your Optimist Club.  I’ll tell you a little something about my life and have a free lunch.

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2 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. Dear CowboyLawyer,
    Look around–notice all the folks who like you just for who you are! The rest can watch the game and drool:)
    Must admit–the Broncos are a fun team to follow.

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