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Decades after the Pow Wow

If you look in the archives of this site for my post on August 19th, you will see a blog called Pow Wow.  In it I describe fond memories of playing under the bleachers at the Macy Pow Wow in Nebraska when I was a little boy.

Now I want to tell you the rest of the story.  It is a statistical improbability that of the few people who find my Shootin’ the Breeze blog on the internet, someone who read it was present at the event about which I wrote.  It is not amazing that many people have heard of the Macy Pow Wow and that many have attended.  What is amazing is that of the very few little boys with whom I played there, one would read it and contact me.

Orville posted a comment that he might be one of the kids whom I described as having made friends with me under the bleachers.  He wrote:

“Hi….maybe I was one of your Indian playmates. I am from Macy and spent a lot of time under the bleachers and throwing knives.  It was good to grow up on the Omaha Reservation.  Good post of your memories.”

I think he was one of the boys I met because we followed up by email and are the same age, so we would have been playing there during the same time period.  It would not be surprising if someone wrote that they went to my high school.  But playing under the bleachers and throwing knives in the woods is pretty specific and only involved a small group of little boys.
I am very pleased that Orville wrote.  What are the odds?  Go figure!

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2 thoughts on “Decades after the Pow Wow

  1. Now, I REALLY feel bad for your sister…and Ms. Sugar. 🙂

    • My sister did not get to play under the bleachers at the Pow Wow. It was at my baseball games. You are maybe thinking of when Kent, the brother of my friend and teammate, Kirk, spit on Judy under the baseball bleachers. I did not spit on her. I did snap her with a wet towel. That did not go over with my mother. I had to act as my own advocate. “Mom, you are not supposed to hit kids in the head.” She did not apologize to me, so I had to report her to the county social services. (Just kidding.)

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