Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Courting Cathy

Cathy lived in Larry’s neighborhood.  They noticed each other.  One day, Cathy said to Larry, “Come over sometime and we could get better acquainted.”  So he did.  They spent some time together and he found her very attractive.

Larry talked about Cathy to his parents.  He wanted them to meet her so Cathy met with them.  The parents asked Cathy many personal questions about whether she and Larry should get married.  Afterwards, Cathy told Larry, “I don’t think this is going to work out.  I don’t want to marry you.”

So Larry talked to some of his friends.  They talked about whether Larry should propose to Cathy.  They talked about how beautiful Cathy was.  They talked about her many fine qualities.  They concluded that Cathy would be a wonderful wife for Larry.  They all agreed.  Larry’s parents wanted him to marry Cathy.  Larry’s friends wanted him to marry Cathy.  Larry made plans for their wedding.

Larry told Cathy’s sorority sister that he had given it a lot of thought, considering the pros and cons, that he had consulted with his parents and friends, and that he decided to marry Cathy.

“Don’t bother,”  the sorority sister told Larry, “Cathy told us that she is not interested in marrying you.  She wants to date other guys.”

Larry had wasted his time and his parents’ time and his friends’ time deciding about a decision that was not his to make solely.  He should have listened to Cathy when she told him she did not want to marry him.

No means no.

It takes two to tango.

One hand alone cannot clap.

After Catherine Roberts told Larimer County that she rescinded the offer to donate Roberts Ranch to the county, it was a waste of time to debate whether to accept a gift that is no longer there.

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