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Old Yeller, New Yeller

All Americans of a certain age, as well as others around the world, cried when watching the Disney movie, Old Yeller.  For those of you above that certain age, you will recall that after Old Yeller’s sad, sad, sad demise, a neighbor girl brought over a yellow puppy, apparently sired by Old Yeller, but her well-intended gift was initially rebuffed by the boy mourning the loss of his Old Yeller, who was, as the movie theme song stated, “Best doggone dog in the West.”


I know the feeling.  When our Old Yeller, named Max, died, I was not ready to try to replace him.  It somehow seemed disloyal.  Nevertheless, out of concern for Sadie, as described in
we adopted another yellow dog from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for lonely Sadie to have company.  His name is Beau.

Beau Tie

Unlike Old Yeller and Max, Beau is not yet worthy of the esteemed title of Best Doggone Dog in the West.  He is not even the best doggone dog living at our house.  When he is in a room alone, it is doubtful that he would be called the best doggone dog.  There might be good reasons that he was available for adoption.  I doubt that his prior owners were simply tired of winning trophies at obedience trials.  I doubt that obedience was in the vocabulary of them or him.

Miss Sugar, soft-hearted animal lover, is, nevertheless,  not permissive when it comes to peeing in the house, stealing her breakfast off the counter, or chewing boots and slippers.  She won’t let me get away with such behavior and neither will she tolerate such behavior from Beau.

I keep telling her that Beau will come in handy when we go hunting wild pigs.  He has had his rabies shot, so it should turn out okay.

Sugar will also be glad to have him if she ever falls into an abandoned well.   Oh, that was Lassie.  Nevermind.  I will have to just stick with the pig argument about what New Yeller might be good for.

That and keeping Sadie company.  She is no longer depressed.  She does not have time.  She has to babysit every minute, night and day.


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5 thoughts on “Old Yeller, New Yeller

  1. I live with Beau’s doppelgänger, a gorgeous and mindless Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from France. I hold the French responsible.

  2. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    This is about when we first got Beau from the shelter, as a companion for Sadie, who was grieving. Here ends the Beau marathon, at the beginning.

  3. This has been so darned funny. I can commiserate, because we adopted a yellow lab that was banished for killing chickens. The last straw was a pet bunny he dug under the fence to get. Get him he did. We said we would take him after seeing how well he got on with our Aussie, but six days on the road later, with this fellow who knew nothing of leashes and barely answered to his name, we began to have qualms.

    He started with the name Scooby, but we (with high hopes) named him Gunner. Now he answers to every name in between but mostly Goofy (used with our Aussie’s nickname, Poofy).

    We dropped him at the trainer, hoping to get a decent hunting retriever. Retriever. Six weeks later, we got a call. “Kris, Mitch, about your dog. I don’t know how to tell you this, but when the train stopped at the place where they give out retriever genes, your dog stayed on the train. Guys, you better come get your dog. We do have puppies available…” We kept the voice mail, we laughed so hard.

    But he did learn to be a gentleman in every other way. No more kisses in the face, and he retreats to his kennel when he’s in trouble. Our Italian pizza-loving (Aussie) shepherd could take some cues from him. Want the name of an awesome trainer?

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