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An Immodest Suggestion for Papal Selection

To use an analogy, sports teams sometimes go to outsiders when selecting a coach to turn around the program rather than hiring from within the program.  It can cause hurt feelings, but it often works to bring in new ideas instead of sticking with “the way we always do things around here.”

Perhaps the next pope should not be from Italy or even Europe.  Perhaps he should be married.  Perhaps he should be someone like, well, gasp, me.  That would shake things up a bit.

I’d have to do away with celibacy first off.  I would allow the clergy to marry.  And while on the subject of sex, the offenders in the clergy who are guilty of abusing young boys would not be protected, at all.  Remember how Jesus drove out those who desecrated the Temple by making it a “den of robbers.”  There are some things that cannot be allowed within the Church without harming the Church.  Clearly, the sex abuse scandals have harmed the Church.

I would stick with the liturgical traditions.  I would even encourage divorced people to take communion at Mass without requiring annulment.  That would increase church revenues while following another doctrine taught by Christ, i.e., forgiveness.

I am, of course, joking about my candidacy.  I am not joking about my recommendations regarding celibacy, marriage, divorce, communion, forgiveness or intolerance of sex abuse.

I respect the contributions of the Roman Catholic Church throughout history and I am grateful to the sincere Christians who have faithfully served the Church, including Pope Benedict.

I sincerely pray to the Lord Almighty, who already has chosen the next Pope, to bless that servant and his ministry in such an important role.


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