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Lassie, the Well, and Criminal Minds

Beau hero

Baby boomers old enough to remember the TV show “Lassie” are familiar with Lassie’s ability to communicate with humans.  She would run for help, bark, and then the human would follow her back to whomever needed saving.  She was a beautiful Collie.

“What is it, girl?  Timmy’s in the well?  Show me!”

Roy Rogers’ dog, Bullet, and Rin Tin Tin, who was the hero of Fort Apache, both German Shepherds, exhibited the same talent.

Our new dog, Beau, a Yellow Lab we just adopted from an animal shelter, performed in a similar, yet opposite, manner.

Timmy was not in the well.  Beau was.  Kinda.  I will explain.  Labs like to play in water.

Here on Cross Creek Ranch, we have a PVC water pipe that formerly was connected to a mobile home on the property.  The mobile home, being mobile, was removed many years ago.  However the electric, septic and water hookups remain, in case we build another cabin on the site.  That PVC pipe sticks up out of the ground.  The water pipe is capped on the end with a plastic plug.

We learned by a very recent experience that if the plastic plug is removed, the area floods.  We also learned that when water is pouring out of that pipe like a fireman’s hose, we lose water pressure in the main house, the bunkhouse, and the barn.

We lost water pressure yesterday morning.  Lassie, I mean Beau, came up on the back deck, soaking wet, made eye contact with Miss Sugar, and left.

“What is it, Beau?  Is Timmy in the well?  Show me!”

So Miss Sugar followed Beau to the well, sort of.  She followed him to where the PVC pipe was spurting out water, to Beau’s delight.

Beau and pipe

Our hero!  He was alerting us to our water problem.  Isn’t he smart!

Is he smart enough to remove the plastic plug?  Why has it never come out before?  Why is his rawhide chew toy, left as a clue, laying next to the pipe?  Who would leave a dog dish at the scene of the crime?  If someone who enjoys tug of war  and chewing thought it was fun to bite the plastic plug, might the plug come loose?  I’m not naming names of suspects quite yet, I’m just investigating theories.

Beau knows, but he ain’t talking.

Beau fixing pipe

At least he helped me fix the problem that he “found.”

Beau advising


If Beau is so smart, why did he bring a hammer to a plumbing project?

Bone of suspicion

Pictured above is the usual suspect, standing in the water.  Note the rawhide chew toy immediately below his left front foot.  No one else’s chew toys were in the vicinity.  Another photo of the crime scene above shows a dog bowl and the chew toy.  How did they get there?  Either someone is attempting to frame Beau, or he must remain being considered a “person of interest.”

I invite readers to serve as jurors.  If you believe in your heart, after reading the description of events and clues, that Beau is innocent, please give your opinion in a comment on this post.

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5 thoughts on “Lassie, the Well, and Criminal Minds

  1. I love it! They say the eyes tell you everything! Look very deep into his eyes and let us know what you see. Hey, by the way, I have a “blogs I enjoy” page now, and you’re on it! Just thought you’d like to know. And be sure to let us know what his eyes reveal, I’m very curious!

    • As you suggested, I looked into Beau’s eyes. They have an evil gleam, or, if you want to see them from a more positive perspective, an amused sparkle. Regardless, they are not blank. Something is going on behind those shining eyes. I do not interpret either the sparkle or gleam as innocent.

      Thank you very much for enjoying my blogs and putting mine on your page. I will check out your blog again as well.

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  3. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    Beau marathon continues with another comparison of Beau and Lassie.

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