Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Showering Downstream

The following true story is not X-rated, but does deal with a subject intended for mature audiences.

I have been in countless locker rooms.  I have showered with countless sweaty men without any negative incident … except the one about which I am writing in this very blog post.  Now do I have your attention?

So I was at a health club to which Sugar and I belonged at the time.  After my workout, as is my habit, I went to take a shower before changing into my street clothes.  I was not alone.

The shower room in the club is large and accommodates several men.  There are shower heads on each side with drains in the corner to which the floor slopes.  Two young men were using the showers closest to the entrance.  I went to the farthest shower from the entrance, which was the one nearest the corner drain.  Those of you familiar with the concept of gravity are aware that water flows downhill.  The water from the higher showers flowed past my feet into the drain in the corner where I was showering.  Get the picture?

I close my eyes while shampooing my hair because I have learned that shampoo can sting one’s eyes.  An exception might be baby shampoo, but as a prideful male, I do not want to be seen using baby shampoo.  So my eyes were closed when I heard an angry shout.

“Hey!  Stop that!”  A man walking past the showers had witnessed something that caused him to shout at my companions.

Stop what? I wondered.

Stop peeing in the shower is the answer.  The Good Samaritan was saying what he did in order to protect me from the yellow stream heading toward my drain.  Too late!

The young men showering with me live in a group home for the developmentally disabled.  It is nice of the group home to pay for memberships at the club, or, perhaps the club does not charge the residents of the group home.  I knew who they were from talking to them on prior occasions.  They had told me that they were waiting for a ride back to where they live.

They were pleasant young men.  Unfortunately, for me at least, they had not been taught proper shower etiquette.


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