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Preview of Heaven


The title suggests that this could be about a near-death experience.  It is not.  Rather, it is about heavenly experiences on earth.

Our dog, Beau, communicates his theological beliefs much more clearly than many eminent theologians such as myself.

Here is a theological lesson for today as taught by Beau, who lives with an inherent understanding of this truth — “This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”


Today, he is glad that the river is flowing past our house.  He rejoices in swimming in it.  He tries to retrieve every stick that floats by.  He feels that he is living exactly the way that God intends for Labrador Retrievers to live.  He is already in communion with his Creator.  He does not need to search to “find himself.”  He is who he is.


When people talk of Heaven, they might say that for a golfer, for example, Heaven is a beautiful golf course.  That might be true.  I don’t know.  It probably is not the same for each of us.


I like to think that we will be reunited with loved ones.


Like Max, pictured below, who loved the river too, and now is in Heaven.


I am quite certain that we will be in the presence of our Lord, secure in His love.

Beau, today at least, thinks he is already there.


He knows something about Heaven.  A river runs through it.



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One thought on “Preview of Heaven

  1. The simple things in life are best!

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