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Having A Beer With Jesus

Country singer Thomas Rhett has a song out called “If I could have a beer with Jesus.”

It is not disrespectful.  It is not about getting drunk with Jesus.  It is about the singer’s desire to spend time with the Lord in an earthly way, having a beer and talking, like guys often do.  Some might prefer to have quiche with Jesus, but keep in mind that Jesus was not a sissy.

Jesus had a trade.  As a carpenter, he worked with his hands and tools.  He hung out with fishermen like Peter. In fact, most of the 12 apostles were fishermen, a blue collar labor job.  He was a leader of that small group of regular guys, and was seen by them as a good friend.  (Before chickening out, Peter said he’d die for Jesus, which indicates the kind of friendship by which they’d have each other’s backs, as we say today.  Jesus, on the other hand, did die for Peter — and the rest of us.)

Jesus the teacher attracted large crowds.  They came from far and wide to hear him.  He was an excellent storyteller, holding the attention of hundreds of people sitting on the ground.  He would certainly be an excellent conversationalist at a bar in a one on one situation as well.  Who wouldn’t enjoy that opportunity?

His first miracle at the wedding in Cana was to turn water into wine when they ran out of wine at the reception.  He saved from embarrassment the groom, or father of the bride, or whomever was the host responsible for providing the beverage at the wedding reception.  By the way, Jesus helped out in that manner at his mother’s request.  My own mother, intolerant about the use of alcoholic beverages, would have been glad they ran out, but Mary wanted the post-nuptial party to go on.  I suppose that if they had run out of wedding cake prematurely, providing more cake would have been the first miracle.

It does not diminish the holiness of Jesus that he was made man and walked among us for 33 years or so.  Remember whose plan that was.  That was His Father’s good idea.

Like Thomas Rhett, I too would like to have a beer with Jesus.  Just don’t tell my mother.  She would ground us both.


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7 thoughts on “Having A Beer With Jesus

  1. The idea is so Jesus, he hung out with the sinner not the pharasees. He talked with the prostitute and the tax collector with more compassion than he ever talked with the religious elite of the day.

    My mom would also tongue lash me too.

  2. Great Post!!! I’m checking this song out right now…. Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  3. I am very familiar with this song, and I am glad you wrote about it. Great message! It also causes me to think, what would I choose to do with Jesus, if I had the chance? I think a nice hike, with my new dog, out to a spot in the woods with a river nearby, or a mountain, build a campsite, and a fire, and spend the night. A little wine would be nice, too. Yes, that would be perfect. Thanks for causing me to think about that! Great way to start my day. Now it’s time to go drive that truck, and maybe hear a country song about having a beer with Jesus.

  4. As a Christian (Quaker no less) I’m sure Jesus would have enjoyed a cold one with his compadres 🙂 Good post my friend.

  5. Ha, ha, as a mum I would have to agree with your mum! I like the sense of humor in your writings, so write on! And thanks for following my blog😊

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