Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets


I quickly glanced at the mail.  Most of the envelopes contained bills.  However, one envelope caught my attention.  It was from a well-known bank.  We do not have any accounts at that bank, so I wondered why it was mailing anything to little old me.  I was under the impression that one has to borrow money as a condition precedent to being billed for loan payments.  So what could it be?

I opened the envelope with curiosity.  That emotion quickly turned to excitement as I read the contents.

“Sugar,” I yelled, “We have been pre-approved for a mortgage loan at the lowest interest available in today’s market and we need to act quickly before this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity goes away as interest rates increase due to changes on the horizon of our world economy.”

“Wonderful!” she exclaimed.  “Don’t they need an appraisal or credit check?”

“Apparently, we were pre-approved without any of that.  They must have researched us carefully and satisfied themselves that we are wonderful people and really want our banking business, including refinancing our home.”

“So, now that we are pre-approved, what do we have to do to close on our new low interest mortgage and begin enjoying the huge monthly savings?”  Now Sugar was in the spirit of things.

“All we have to do is fill out the enclosed convenient form that requires our social security numbers and annual income.”

“I thought we are already approved.”

” We are pre-approved.  The bank just needs a few moments of our time to fill out this simple form and send it back in the postage-paid envelope.”

“What else, besides our social security numbers and income information do we need to fill out?”  Sugar sounded a little sarcastic.  Her enthusiasm for this life-changing opportunity that will save us tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan was waning.

“Well, the rest is easy.  They just want our names and signatures.”

“They already have our names or they couldn’t mail it to us.  Right?”

“Wrong,”  I had to explain.  “They spelled our name incorrectly so I need to provide the correct spelling.”

“How did they spell it?”



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One thought on “PRE-APPROVED

  1. I was laughing, knew thrte would be s punch line. ..

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