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Doggone Bad Dog Gone


Here we go again.  I hope my loyal followers do not mind another story about Beau, our Yellow Lab, and his misdeeds.  Actually, I mind writing about more of his misdeeds because that means I experienced them, which I did, again.

On Sunday evening, Miss Sugar and I made plans to meet another couple for dinner at the local restaurant at 5:30 p.m.  Note that I wrote the local restaurant.  Where we live, twenty miles from town, the restaurant that is closest is at a mountain resort called Western Ridge with cabins to rent, a horse stable, pool, and (this is important) a LAKE.

We drove the pickup and brought the dogs, who were to wait in the pickup per our plan.  When I say the dogs were in the pickup, I mean in the cab, not the bed of the truck from which they could jump out.

Miss Sugar and I were also in the cab of the truck.  I, by necessity was there so I could operate the vehicle.  Miss Sugar is also allowed to ride in the front seat rather than the bed of the truck.  The dogs are supposed to ride behind us in the “supercab” back seat.  They did.

Then we parked.   We left the windows partially rolled down, but not far enough for a dog to escape, if that is what you are anticipating, dear reader.

What actually happened is that as Sugar emerged through the passenger door, Beau rudely pushed past her and ran to the lake.  Of course, he has been trained to come when called.  Of course, we called.  And called.  And called.

The lake is fully equipped with ducks.  Beau likes water.  He also likes ducks.  I seriously doubt that they like him.  They swam out further from the shore.  No problem.  Beau can swim.  So he did.  He swam out to the ducks.  He was very happy to do so.  He did not mind at all.

Miss Sugar and I minded quite a bit.  We walked toward the lake as we called him.  I opened a gate so as to get to the lake.  Guess what!  Lake shores can be muddy.  This one was, especially after the foot of snow that fell a few days earlier had melted quickly.  Beau did not seem to mind the mud.

He also did not mind us, in the sense of obeying us.  He did not mind at all.  He ran past me and past Miss Sugar, who failed to tackle him.  He ran from the lake towards the road.  Good riddance!  I was already planning his funeral.

Beau did not run into the road.  He ran into the horse pasture.  The horses for the livery stable were present in the pasture.  We have horses at our home.  Beau accompanies (as distinguished from assisting) me when I feed them twice a day.  Our horses are used to him.  Why he was interested in strange horses is something you will have to ask him about.  These strange horses were not used to him and, I guess, didn’t like him much.  However, he did not chase them.  Rather, he just greeted them.  He did not have time to stay and visit, however, because he noticed us approaching.  So, he ran the other way, towards the ranch house 100 yards from the restaurant.  It is a private residence.  Well, it was private until the three of us visited.

I drove the truck up their drive.  Beau acknowledged our presence and headed for the lake.  He was distracted en route by Miss Sugar holding something in her hand.  A treat perhaps?

Miss Sugar is normally an honest Christian woman.  On this occasion, however, she attempted to deceive Beau by pretending to have a treat when, in actuality, she was merely holding snow in her hand.  If he wanted snow, there was still plenty around that had not yet melted.  So you can see how Miss Sugar was not offering anything that he could not get without her, hence the deception.

Well, it worked.  Beau came up to Sugar and she quickly grabbed his collar while he sniffed her hand with the snow.  I did not wait for him to decide whether to jump into the cab of the truck.  I did not trust that he would do so if Miss Sugar let go of his collar.  So I gently wrapped my loving arms around him and lifted his 100 lb. body and shoved it into the back seat and slammed the door.

Our friends were already seated in the restaurant when we entered.  They thought that they arrived before us because they did not see our truck in the parking lot.  That is because it was parked in the private drive of the private residence.

I was wearing muddy boots and had mud on my shirt as well.  It is a good thing this restaurant advertises “casual dining.”  I was real casual, except for the high blood pressure that is.


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31 thoughts on “Doggone Bad Dog Gone

  1. Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry to follow our blog, your future visits and likes. Hope you will be blessed with your visit 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on snowflakegurl and commented:
    This is the cutest story ever!! 🙂

  3. I used to have a yellow lab; this definitely brings up some memories! He sounds like a fun one. 🙂

  4. How did I know your dog’s name was Beau?
    I am impressed at all the dog-training that has been going on at your place … What an amazing dog that knows how to train his owners to come … I am impressed 🙂 LOVE reading your stories!!! Blessings to you and the Miss Sugar!

  5. I have not read that yet, I can’t see it in your archives … Maybe you can let me know when you wrote it … I would love to read it!

  6. Alice on said:

    I think we tune in for Beau stories.

  7. Great story. Most of us have been there, done that…

  8. Funny….Silly dog wanted an adventure! Gave you one too…

    • He often does. Check out the category Animal Stories on my blog’s front page and you can read more about Beau’s adventures. Thanks a lot for reading my stuff.

  9. I really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing Beau’s adventure!

  10. Hi Cowboy,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate you dropping by.
    I enjoyed your Beau story. Dogs do get into trouble on occasion don’t they?
    It reminds me of that funny movie about the writer and his wife who go into the country so he can find time to write his novel. They get a dog and the dog runs off and never comes back. They see it occasionally but only in the distance as it is running with un-tapped energy.
    Very funny but I can’t remember the name of the movie.

    • I have written many Beau stories — all true. He came from a shelter and sometimes I can understand why someone surrendered him. The ranch is a good place for him. He just went for a swim in the river that runs through our place.

      I re-blogged your post about Job and feeling alone. There are some mothers who feel like Job today.

  11. I wanted to laugh out loud, which would not be appropriate at the moment! I was reminded of chasing after my kids when they were small. Getting ready to go anywhere used to require starting 90 minutes ahead of time. I’m glad to say it doesn’t any more! Thanks for sharing your story!

  12. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    The Beau reblog marathon continues. This one describes another aspect of his sinful behavior. Sinful! Unrepentant!

  13. deaconmike51907 on said:

    Reblogged this on News With a Catholic View.

  14. Your Beau stories are priceless! I LOVE reading about him. Perhaps I shouldn’t say it but he reminds me of my 17 year old when he was a toddler…smart, determined, focused (on what he wanted), mischievous, exuberant…It took me 6 years to have another baby because I just couldn’t handle the idea of another unrepentant….I mean, darling, little child!

    • Our kids are grown. We don’t want to embarrass them with tales about days of old. Beau’s computer skills are poor so he is unaware of being the subject of many blog posts. Easy target. Good source of material. Your seventeen year old might read your posts. Beware.

      • Oh my love knows! He tells me he’s afraid of having a child like himself! Ha…he’s actually a joy (mostly) these last few years. I’m very proud of him…but he was quite a challenging little fellow and he knows it! I guess I’d pick a “spunky” boy over one of those “pod children.” You know, the ones who hardly talk or move. I hear there’s such a thing….

      • There might be such children but we have no experience with them. Right now we have a kid in Nepal, another in Alaska, and two in Colorado. Three have run marathons, including NY Marathon (3 hrs, 20min.) and another won Hawaii Marathon for age group. On the move!!!!!!!!!! I have been to countless track meets and cross country meets, basketball games and tennis matches, not to mention horse shows and rodeos. Fun memories. Enjoy your kids while they are home, as I know you do.

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