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Egg Suckin’ Dogs


Miss Sugar, my wife, an excellent cook, is very health conscious.  She purchases fresh micro-greens directly from a local organic farmer.  She also gets fresh eggs.  Like today, she drove with the dogs in the SUV to rendezvous with the young lady who delivers these farm-fresh items from her organic family farm.  Deliver is an exaggeration.  She does not come all the way out to our somewhat remote ranch.  She meets Miss Sugar in town, twenty-two miles from our home.

Today was, as I mentioned, one of those days.  It was one of those delivery days.  It was also “one of those days” with our dogs.

After Miss Sugar got the micro-greens and eggs, she behaved negligently.  (See the blog about Training Miss Sugar for a better understanding of negligence.)

Miss Sugar imprudently attempted to make more than one stop on her trip to town.  That is wise in terms of fuel economy.  It is not wise in terms of grocery stewardship.

Miss Sugar hid the eggs under the front seat.  Or so she thought.  She “ran into the fabric store” for, she says, “just a few minutes.”  Assuming her time estimate is true, the two dogs whom she left unattended in the vehicle used their brief time without her very efficiently.

Miss Sugar returned to the motor vehicle to find that six of the thirty-six eggs were missing, shells and all.

She has interviewed no eye-witnesses, yet she insists that the eggs were consumed by the usual suspects.


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3 thoughts on “Egg Suckin’ Dogs

  1. What next…… LOL Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

    • Ain’t that somethin’? Miss Sugar is holding a grudge. I was told that the dogs are not allowed inside. It is raining and she don’t care. Do eggs make for shiny coats?

  2. dhwanis on said:

    ahh…the experience of owning a yellow lab, it does make one see life quite differently!

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