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Excuses or Admissions?

I have been reading about the Congressional hearings investigating the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Some of the excuses for not protecting the ambassador and three others who were murdered in the terrorist attack seem to me to be admissions of fault.

For example, we are told that it would take something like nine hours for U.S. military planes to come to the rescue.  Really?

Why?  Was the State Department under the impression that Libya is not a high risk assignment for the ambassador despite the presence of terrorists there?

Why?  Was the U.S. military under the impression that the ambassador to Germany was more in need of protection?

If the attack came from a spontaneous mob rather than terrorists who planned it for September 11th, is that somehow more excusable?  Isn’t it still a terrorist attack on an embassy located in a country known to be dangerous for Americans?

If you say that your dog ate your homework, does that excuse you from doing it or does it mean you were not careful with your papers when you knew they were due to be turned in on that day?

Teacher:  “Son, are you saying that you did not know your homework was due to be turned in today?”

Student:  “No.  I knew it was due, but my dog ate it.”

Teacher:  “Did you not know that you had a dog?”

Student:  “Well, I thought my baby sister ate it at first, but then I found out it was my dog that ate it.”

Teacher:  “Huh?  Did you think that if your sister ate your homework that is somehow more surprising and more acceptable and makes you less accountable than if your dog ate it?”

Isn’t it as embarrassing for the administration to feign surprise as its excuse as it would be to admit the vulnerable situation in which it placed Americans in Libya?  Does it matter if a mob attacked or terrorists attacked?  Isn’t either a terrorist attack?

To me, it is a Catch 22 situation.  The excuses are as bad as admissions, but at least admissions accept responsibility.  Accountability is important for government leaders or they lose credibility.

God help America.

Student:   “I did not do my homework.  I threw my assignment notebook to the dog and he buried it.  Without the notebook, I don’t even know what the assignment for today was.  I will accept the failing grade for the paper not turned in.”

Government:  “We did not protect the embassy.  We knew it was endangered by terrorists.  Military protection was either not available or just not implemented.  We regret that this was handled so poorly and apologize to the families of those who were murdered in Benghazi.”


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9 thoughts on “Excuses or Admissions?

  1. I agree with your statement “Accountability is important for government leaders or they lose credibility” and this is needed in every profit and charity organizations.

  2. OK, like I said before, that Senate Seat would look good with you setting in it!!!!! I can see the headlines now “Beau Goes to Washington”. That has a good ring to it and it could have good movie potential too….. I’m just sayin….

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

    • Thanks for supporting my political aspirations and thanks too for increasing my readership by re-blogging my stuff. You deserve all the credit for a new record number of views today.

  3. I was hoping the Beau stories would catch on, and they really did today!!! We may just have to Re-Blog another one next Saturday!!! Kenny T

  4. Accountability? Have you never heard of Clarence Darrow, the lawyer who had judges and juries in tears over the sad plight of his clients — who couldn’t help but murder someone because of their unfortunate circumstances?

    I’ve read that all law students today study his tactics for getting people off the hook; by now, I’m afraid, society as a whole has learned to cash in on his arguments.

    • As a lawyer, I can tell you that making excuses does not often work. Accountability for causing a car crash, for example, is expected. Here in Colorado, we have a man on death row for four murders seeking to avoid the death penalty due to his sad childhood.
      I wrote a blog called “My Last DUI” that you might find interesting. It is on this topic.

      • Oops! I forgot you’re a lawyer.

        Perhaps the pendulum is starting to swing back in courtrooms, but it seems still to be l going full-stream on psychoanalysts’ couches — and I’m afraid some folks are polishing up their “I couldn’t help myself” defense for their appearance at the Great White Throne, too.

        As for students:
        “My dog ate my homework because he had a deprived puppy-hood. Being one of ten siblings he didn’t receive the right amount of affection and now has issues.”
        (As you used this line for your “jailbird dog.”)

        Teacher: “You left your homework where the dog could chew it up?

        “Okay, okay! I left my homework lying around because my mom was neatness- challenged and never taught me to pick up stuff. Growing up with poor mentors, I can’t break the chain now.”

        Hey, any port in a storm.

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