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Differing Emotions on Mothers’ Day

This is a day on which we honor mothers.  It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

My mother (and father) provided a stable home for me.  I felt loved.  I learned love.  I was blessed.  I am glad that my mother is still living.  I can thank her for being a devoted mother and tell her that I love her.  I can tell her if I can reach her, that is.  She is traveling.

Other people miss their mothers who are no longer living.  They wish they could call their mothers or, better yet, spend the day together.

Others have mothers from whom they are estranged, or by whom they were abandoned.  There are not appropriate cards for that kind of relationship.

There are women who long to be mothers.  It is painful for them to feel left out.

There are mothers whose children have died.  They miss being mothers.

There are mothers who were good mothers, yet have unappreciative children who ignore them on this day and every day.

Today all women do not experience Mothers’ Day with joy.

We all are not mothers, but we each have had a mother.

I thank God for my mother and pray for mothers everywhere on this special day full of varying emotions.

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10 thoughts on “Differing Emotions on Mothers’ Day

  1. Very good thoughts and I’m glad you can rejoice in the good home you came from and tell your mother how you appreciate her.

    I was a product of two “broken” homes, so know what it is to hardly have a mom. The aunt that raised me worked many long hours to keep us going, so I hardly remember her being home with me. I remember my birth mother, but she was a wipe out; there in body but not in mind. God was good; my mother-in-law was the mom I never had.

    I wrote to a card company one day, encouraging them to put out some verses for not-perfect situations, because there ARE a lot. I gave a few examples, but I don’t know if they ever followed through. All my mothers are gone now.

    • Thanks for your comment. You had a difficult childhood, as too many do. I wrote what I did because the cards and TV ads can make people feel left out if their Mothers’ Day won’t be like those portrayed.

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    worth repeating

  3. Some very perceptive ideas. Mother and children isn’t always a gentle walk in the park.

  4. Very important message. Some also had grandmothers, aunts and God-mothers raise them.

    • Yes, indeed. Those raised by grandmothers, aunts, God-mothers, step-mothers, foster mothers, etc., should remember those women who “mothered” them on this special day.

  5. How very true, your words, in every way, sir. I also belatedly wish Ms. Sugar Happy Mother’s Day.

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