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Do-It-Herself Plumbing

rainbow bunkMy wife, Miss Sugar, descended from a line of plumbers.  Her Italian grandfather was a plumber in New Jersey.  He taught the trade to her father, who moved to Texas to not be a plumber.

Yesterday, we turned on the water in the bunkhouse, which had been winterized until then.  The pipe behind the shower leaked.  So I called a plumber.  We have company coming in a few days and the bunkhouse is our guesthouse.

The plumber was booked until Monday.  (This occurred on Friday.)  So I called another plumber.  He could come Monday afternoon.  So I called the first guy back and scheduled for Monday morning.  That might work because our guests arrive on Tuesday.

However, Miss Sugar is not one to wait.

I was in Denver most of the day.  As a lawyer, I frequently go there for cases.  This was my second day this week that I had to go there.  Denver is about 80 miles from our ranch.

I did not get home until 7:00 p.m.  During those hours when I was away, Miss Sugar turned off the water in the bunkhouse, which involves laying on the floor by the toilet and reaching back behind the shower to the “gate valve” where water comes into the building, or not (if turned off for the winter), removed the brass elbow joint that was leaking, drove to a hardware store twenty miles away, and got a “shark bite adapter” to connect flexible plastic pipe to the brass elbow joint.  She also got plumber’s tape and plumber’s putty to seal the connection between the pipe and the joint behind the shower.  On the first trip, she did not get all the parts she needed because the handyman who made the shower connection last fall did not use the same pipe threads, so she had to make a second trip in order to get universal threads.







While waiting for the plumber’s putty to dry, Sugar used her spare time to create a mosaic around the base of the toilet, which is not something that I had planned to do.  I suspect that if we hired a plumber, the mosaic would not have been included.

By the time I got home, Sugar was finished with her complicated plumbing tasks and with the mosaic artwork.  I was no help at all.  Well, maybe I helped by being in Denver, out of her way.

So this morning, Sugar asked me to check the bunkhouse to see if it was leaking behind the shower anymore.  It was not.  Success!

Sugar is a real good handyman — for a girl.  Supergirl!

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52 thoughts on “Do-It-Herself Plumbing

  1. Sometimes ya just gotta get out of the way of a determined woman. We can move mountains if no one is telling us we can’t!

    • Sugar has a lot of gumption. I’m am proud of her, but it is hard to keep up.

    • I am an Italian from next to New Jersey. You gotta love a woman who has the gumption to do what a man doesn’t want to do when he has too much to do and isn’t doing it. lol I thought Texas only had Big Leaks? Just a thought…

      • Yes, Greg, Sugar has lots of gumption. Is that an Italian thing, or Jersey thing, or Texas thing? Or is it a trait she developed from necessity due to living on a ranch? Or is it from being married to me? Anyway, I do love this woman for many reasons

      • lol.. well I am not sure what ‘kinda thing’ it is, but I guess you won’t be needing a lawyer anytime soon! Loved the story … keep penning… pinning… and plumbing…

  2. Way to go, Miss Sugar!!!!

  3. It’s in the blood!

  4. Miss Sugar: my new heroine .

  5. LOL… And you must have saved a few bucks.

  6. “Well, maybe I helped by being in Denver, out of her way.”

    You seem a bit smarter than the average lawyer. Great story.

  7. power to the prima- plumber. 😀

  8. I might need her to show me how to fix our leaky kitchen faucet. It’s been leaking about a month now and my husband claims he’s too busy to fix it.

  9. Sugar sounds like my kind of lady! Self-sufficient and not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I respect strong women like that. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! 🙂

  10. Awwww. I can tell you are crazy about her! What an incredible relationship the two of you must have 🙂

  11. Sugar is …that apple didn’t fall far from the tree …her Dad would have been PROUD.

  12. Wish I had a like button for each of these comments! Atta girl!

  13. Remember replacing the trap under my kitchen sink in the first house I owned back in about ’73. My first husband was not at all handy.,, LOL Way to go, Miss Sugar..

  14. Divva on a mission on said:

    You are blessed to have Sugar in your life… Thanks for sharing ..

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  16. WTG Miss Sugar! Loved this story!

  17. Go Sugar! If she keeps that up she’ll have to make business cards and get a web page! Love the “get ‘er done” spirit!

    • It is funny that you say what you did about websites and business cards. She does that too. Under the About section is a link to her photography website if you want to see more pictures of the ranch.

  18. Cowboy Lawyer,

    I love this story! And being a woman, I can understand why she wanted to get it done. Waiting till Monday for the plumber to come was too close for comfort with guests coming on Tuesday. She didn’t want to be stressed out in case the plumber ran into complications. Way to go Miss Sugar!

  19. Reblogged this on beforesheimplodes and commented:
    LOL! Awwww this is just about the cutest thing! LOL

  20. Your delightful story put a smile on my face, and the smilin’ continued as I skimmed through the many comments. Some very creative, humorous folks stopped by to add their two cents. All I can add is my wonder for a woman with so many talents! Very impressive.

  21. sounds you are a very blessed man … all the way around 🙂

  22. I am blessed and I am thankful.

  23. Sir, I see you are totally “whupped”… That there is an Asian term, mind you. 🙂 And until just now, I was not alert enough to know who “ladylinchpin” was… and she is one beautiful lass.

    I feel so dreadfully sorry for you, being whupped like that. 🙂

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