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Who Let The Dogs Out?

beaumodelMiss Sugar, as usual, out-did herself.  She made about nine pies, including pecan, sweet potato, and apple pie, more than one of each kind.  Plus, some of the guests contributed to the dessert table.  Sugar made enough side dishes, such as potato salad, Oklahoma caviar (black beans with something good), baked beans with sausage, cole slaw, cornbread, deviled eggs, and corn casserole, to cover a long serving counter.  I think she put out twelve different dishes that she calls “the fixins”  when she invites our guests to enjoy Texas Bar B Que with all the fixins.  She made her special Texas barbeque sauce.  After last year’s party, she chose to not make three bean salad.

kitchenmargbotelloIt was all pretty good, but what folks will likely remember is that I served the pulled pork by expertly dumping it onto their sesame buns.  Although I am generally modest about my accomplishments, for historical accuracy, allow me to point out that I am the one who mowed the lawn and I am the one who put the chairs and tables out on the lawn.  (I would also claim credit for putting up the open tent canopy thing for shade, but, to be fully truthful, I must report that Sugar showed me how to do it and then when it blew over, helped me raise it again.  Then Mitch fixed it right.  He also set up the stakes for horseshoes and provided the horseshoes.)

Oh, and another thing, before the festivities commenced, I put the dogs in a stall in the barn because, for reasons that should be obvious and will become more obvious, they were not invited to the party, especially the aspect of the party involving food.

We had over 50 attendees during the course of the afternoon.  A good time was had by all, it seemed, young (a nine day old baby pictured with Sugar and his father) and older.  Baby Colton is the only person whose age will be specified.

Coltonyoung and oldbentonamigorodneylolly and gingerLuckyDL Roberts

We even had live music provided by four talented musicians.

Alexis and StevePatrick and Jennifer

My father-in-law, Bob the Barkeep, served the adult beverages in addition to Miss Sugar’s sweet tea and her friend Jeanie’s lemonade.


The weather was perfect.  That and the beautiful scenery was provided by God.

I said above that a good time was had by all.  That was true until Beau, our exuberant Yellow Lab, joined the party.

Some folks visited Beau and Sadie while they were imprisoned in the barn.  Miss Sugar was begged to let them out.  After all, most everyone was finished eating and were just listening to the musicians.  Yellow Labs are inherently “party animals.”  Miss Sugar succumbed to the pleas.  Free Beau and Sadie!  Free Beau and Sadie!  So she did.

Later, the story was told to me that as soon as Beau emerged from the barn, the cowboy hat of our friend, Mitch, blew off his head.  (I know I said we had perfect weather.  Really, we pretty much did.)


So I was sitting under the canopy with other guests, enjoying the performance on the back deck serving as an elevated stage, when Beau came running up to me with a hat in his mouth.  Apparently, Mitch’s hat looks enough like mine that Beau confused it for mine and helpfully brought it to me.

Al HatAs you can see, our hats are similar.

Perhaps as you read this you are thinking that Beau is a wonderful animal.  Of course, if you read other posts such as Doggone Bad Dog Gone,, or The Usual Suspect,, or Jail Bird Dog,, you can surmise where this is going.

Okay, you do not have to surmise where this is going.  I will tell you what happened next.  Next, one of our neighbors who was at the party came over to where I was sitting, enjoying the performance, as I said, and told me to “Come quick.”  So I did.

Outside of the courtyard area, I saw a woman laying on the ground.  Just moments before, this very same nice lady had thanked me for inviting her and her husband, and then left to go to their car.  We offer plenty of free parking, but we do not provide a parking valet.  She probably had a good time at the party until Beau came running after Mitch’s hat and, in the process, knocked her down.  She was easy to knock down because she already had one leg in a “walking cast.”  So really she just had the one good leg, the one that Beau clipped, sending her into the gravel on the lane.  Poor lady!  Bad dog!

We hope she will recover soon.  We haven’t heard how she is doing since her husband took her home.

Mitch’s hat is somewhat the worse for wear, thanks to Beau.  We are praying that the lady’s leg comes out of her contact with Beau better than the hat did.

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13 thoughts on “Who Let The Dogs Out?

  1. Nice, and handsome pup. Reminds me of my Dylan ( named after Bob, of course) He was a rescue. A hurricane Andrew refuge. Loved that dog. Miss him much! 🙂

    • Beau is a rescue dog too. Was Dylan a character? Beau looks like a model for Sports Afield, but “pretty is as pretty does.” He does some things that are definitely not pretty.

      • Hmmmm Dylan. Yes , he was great. He was so well mannered and mellow, and I had a pic of him with alitter of kittens loungng all over him. He was love my Tica , Jack Terrier. They were so cute together. And once saved her from a pit by biting the pit in the hiney. SMILES. Yes Dylan WAS the man! GREAT from day one even with all the damages left from the hurricane, He was about 14 when he passed. But Beau is GORGEOUS! I know you enjoy him! Great name too! Thanks always for nice responses.

  2. Great story with my first cuppa coffee this morning!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  3. Shari Massey on said:

    Guilty as charged…..

    • Shari, you are not “charged” with anything, nor “guilty’ of anything other than a kind heart for the imprisoned dogs. No one could foresee that the wind would blow off Mitch’s hat and Beau would chase it into the path of a guest with a leg cast. Back where I come from, we call that an accident.

  4. Beau sounds as bad as my dog, Frank!!!

  5. Hahaha! Funny.

    • Thanks. It’s funny until someone breaks her leg. Now we have a used dog for sale. We will let you have him for just what we’ve got in him.

      • I just tripped over my dog yesterday. He has FINALLY slowed down a little at age 12.5. I’m not used to him laying down – ever – and yesterday, got up from my chair and tripped right over him. May have broken a toe or at least sprained it. It looks like an eggplant. Haha! I’ve had a clumsy week!

  6. I remember that you slipped on algae and skinned your elbows. You have had a rough week. I hope you heal up soon.

  7. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    The Beau marathon continues. This post from the past describes an event that resulted in a liability claim against our homeowners’ insurance policy. Sad but true. Beau is to blame.

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