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Beau Helps Garden


Here in the high country, we have a short growing season.  In her valiant attempts to have a garden nevertheless, my wife also has to contend with wildlife helping themselves to various delicious plants.  In particular, rabbits eat vegetables and flowers.  Consequently, Miss Sugar has a box, pictured above, to protect her modest garden by raising it above rabbit level.

Sugar’s parents, Bob and Ginger, while visiting from Texas this past week, helped plant some tomatoes, squash, and strawberries.  They are experienced and helpful.  Beau is not experienced in gardening.  Neither is he helpful.

garden dogs

Sadie, our other Yellow Lab,  is not particularly helpful, but, unlike Beau, she does not harm the project.

Beau decided that Bob was being selfish with the hose.  That is one thing with which Beau will not put up.  He wanted a turn with the hose.  He grabbed it.  Bob did not share.  A tug of war commenced.

tug of war

Instead of watering the plants, I wish Beau would chase the rabbits and let Bob do the gardening.  It is a matter of efficiency and recognizing natural talent.  Bob is just no good at chasing rabbits.

Each needs to be aware of his own station in life.

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14 thoughts on “Beau Helps Garden

    • Thanks for re-blogging this. Are you in the market for a Yellow Lab?

      • I can always use some outdoor help.—- Have you read the HANK THE COW DOG series children’s books. Texas, but pretty good anyway.

      • I have read Hank the Cowdog. I also wrote about Beau’s work as a cowdog and as a terrier. A dog has to know his limitations.

      • Beau might do well creating soaker hoses. Useful in fire season and for irrigating small garden plots. Bob just didn’t realize the direction of Beau’s assistance. People must learn to recognize initiative, not stifle canine efforts.

      • Beau has had other adventures with hoses, recounted elsewhere in the blog under animal stories. He pulled out our water softener recycle hose, flooding the crawl space. He opened a plug that caused us to lose water pressure until we discovered the problem, suspecting him due to his bowl being left at the crime scene. Bob might has lost some of his confidence in Beau’s judgment based on Beau’s criminal history and bad reputation in the family.

      • Hmm. Does he go after snakes as well as hoses? Or just hoses? He may be afflicted with OCD? Repetitive MO with lots of transference …..impaired judgment, Hmm Hmmm don’t guess I can use this particular Lab. He probably would not adapt well to the new stressors he would encounter in our North Florida River Swamp. Lots of snake-looking hoses are actually snakes. Not good for good for soaker-hose-crafting Labs. Besides, can’t get much different from High Country to the water-shed for the Okeefenokee. Gonna read your animal stories in a bit…. Thank you.

  1. What a wonderful and happy story! By the way… Did the hose survive? 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    It is too early to garden, but this post fits in the Beau marathon as a supplement to other stories involving water and hoses.

  3. deaconmike51907 on said:

    Reblogged this on News With a Catholic View.

  4. The high walled raised garden bed is interesting. My daughter just moved to Colorado and speaks about the rabbits having taken over and eating parts of car wiring; etc. Since you wrote this nearly 2 years ago, I wonder how the high walled raised garden bed worked out?

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