Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Double Tough Hombre

The two links below are related.  Each was written last summer.  Each describe my bravery and skills as a modern-day Pecos Bill-type cowboy action hero.

I am re-posting them for the convenience of those readers who have more recently started following my blog and foolishly believe that they have better things to do than go through the archives to read all of the 220 previous posts.  This double feature will help you catch up, as ya’ll have been longing to do.

These are true stories about life on Cross Creek Ranch, in northern Colorado.  To borrow a phrase used by Walter Brennan in The Guns of Will Sonnett, “No brag.  Just fact.”  You can look it up.

Let’s be careful out there!

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9 thoughts on “Double Tough Hombre

  1. I hate, hate, hate when rattlesnakes do this. The climbing crap. Appartently they are evolving, learning to climb trees and drop on prey. At The Holler, we have southern pacifics who are both nuero and hepa toxic and their venom is strengthening. I killed one that came after me when barbequing in the evening with a spatula.
    My son is going to capture and tag them for conservation purposes in his grad program. He said, “You are not conservation minded when it comes to rattlesnakes.”
    I said, “No shit Sherlock.”

  2. Blessings brother,

    Yes, I would not like to stumble across him. Many blessings to you and yours.

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