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Okies Don’t Scare Easy

History, literature, movies, and music include many stories, some even true, about courage.   People admire courage, and should.  Americans, particularly Westerners, pride themselves on facing adversity bravely.

Tom Petty wrote a song that was featured in the recent movie, Appaloosa.  The song is called  “Scare Easy.”  Some of the lyrics are:  “I don’t scare easy.  Don’t fall apart when I’m under the gun.  You can break my heart and I ain’t gonna run.  I don’t scare easy for no one.”

The tornadoes in Oklahoma have been devastating.  We pray for the many who have lost their homes and loved ones. These folks have demonstrated that they don’t scare easy.  God bless them!

Listen to the entire song performed by Mudcrutch for the movie:

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2 thoughts on “Okies Don’t Scare Easy

  1. Alan, This write up is so way cool!! You are great!! I luv ya and i’m certain the rest of us Okies do too!!

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