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Rule Breaker

Miss Sugar and I stayed at a campground the past three nights.  This was our first RV adventure since last fall.  It started out sort of like our first RV adventure as re-posted yesterday, the one about the stinky slinky.

We hooked up the trailer and discovered a flat tire.  I thought that was no big deal.  After all, we have four wheels on the trailer and four more on the truck.  One out of eight ain’t bad.  Miss Sugar, a cautious traveler, wanted the tire changed.  That delayed our departure.

When we got to the campground, I broke the jack, again.  Maybe I don’t know my own strength.  Or, maybe I don’t know which way is up (and which way down).  No big deal.  We got the trailer hitch raised off the pickup with a hydraulic jack some experienced camper had with him.  I appreciated the help, even though I think only wimps rely on hydraulic jacks.  I prefer using the muscles that God bestowed upon me.

The campground had a building with showers and toilets, which I prefer to using the facilities in the camper trailer for reasons explained in the stinky slinky story referred to hereinabove.  So I entered the building.

Above the toilet provided by the campground was a sign that almost threw me off my plan.  It said:

“Please put TOILET PAPER ONLY in the toilet!  Do not put in ANYTHING ELSE.    Thank you, THE MANAGEMENT, Manor RV Park”

How did they know that I was planning to put more than toilet paper in Manor RV Park’s toilet?  Well, I was planning to do that, like I always do when nature calls.  In fact, that was my very reason for entering the building and the stall housing the sensitive toilet.  Some of you gentle readers might know the feeling that I was feeling.

Can you keep a secret?  I broke that particular rule.  Please don’t tattle on me.  It was such a nice place, we’d like to camp there again, if allowed.

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14 thoughts on “Rule Breaker

  1. LMAO! Great story telling! BTW, did someone snitch on you yet?

  2. 😀 ha! I managed an RV park. In fact it was my last job in property management . I made so many signs it wasn’t funny! I became the desk top publishing queen of the campers. That sign was CUTE. I can only imagine folks taking that quite literally. Are you sure you weren’t in Florida? Remind me to give you a link to the last park rules I made up, still on my old employers website. But you are a lawyer! I reworked the rules already established making things PERFECTLY clear ! BOY what fun that was! LOL As fun as renaming the in park streets right before my departure per 911 admin orders. . Dang it , they had it coming! LOL

  3. – Go ahead, take a peek. HA! How’d I do! If you knew the group I was working with, you’d understand.

  4. I don’t know what the point of the toilet would be otherwise. I fully support your rebellion.

  5. That’s funny. I have seen signs that tell the ‘squatter’ not to put the toilet paper in the toilet but to put it in a trash can. I cannot image doing that either. I think it belongs with the logs and sent down river together.

  6. This reminds me of the story about a sign in a South American eatery that went something like this: “Diners may rest assured. The manager has personally passed all the water that is served in this restaurant.”

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