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Big Racks

While visiting relatives in Texas a few years ago, we ate at a restaurant called Big Racks BBQ.  The name apparently refers to barbequed racks of ribs they serve.  Sugar’s brother Mike took us there, probably because of the sign to the right, which incorporates a red neon elk rack,  to remind us of Colorado.

In Estes Park, Colorado, elk are abundant.  They walk along roads and are a problem on the golf course.

Sugar took this photo of an elk with a big rack when we were in Estes this past weekend.  It is not neon.  It is the real thing.


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4 thoughts on “Big Racks

  1. Wow, an elk 😀

  2. Yes, an elk right on the road. We have them by where we live in the ranch country. I startled one in a draw a week ago on a horse ride, but in Estes, they walk through town even.

  3. Mike In-law on said:

    Luckily, we did not get food poisoning there (not sure about now- as I have never been back, but at the time they must have had problems with management, the cooks and the wait-staff!). The next time you and Sis visit, I shall introduce you to my new favorite eatery: TWIN PEAKS (seriously, it is a real restaurant chain). 😉

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