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Charitable Contributions vs. Sponsorship

It may be that I am becoming a curmudgeon.  That could explain my growing resentment of being asked to pledge to a charity picked by someone else, who is enjoying an activity for free by getting pledges.

As have many of you, I have paid teens so much per pin for bowling for some charity.  I didn’t mind.  Bowling is fun for the kids.  The charity is a good one.  I gave it little thought.

Similar to contributing per bowling pin, I have pledged so much per mile for people walking or running for some charity of their choice.  They don’t have to pay an entry fee when they are participating for charity.

Of course, I could have contributed to the charity directly, regardless of whether the solicitor ran or walked or bowled.  Or, I could donate to a different charity of my own choosing, again, without any activity by a third person.

I like to ride horses.  I can do it with or without sponsors.  I could go on a 100 mile ride and all who read this could pay me so much per mile.  I could have the fun and get the credit for raising money from you to give to my favorite charity.

Or, you could leave me out of the loop and donate directly, which I encourage you to do.

The Red Cross, various church organizations, and other charitable groups are doing lots of good to help people who have suffered as a result of the recent tornadoes and current wildfires, as well as helping others throughout the world.  There are charities that fight diseases, such as cancer and M.S., or help wounded veterans, or needy children.  Most are good causes.

Please give, whether or not I bowl, run, bike, walk or ride my horse.  Choose your own way to help.  Bless your hearts for doing so!

However, if you wouldn’t give unless I ride my horse, let me know about your pledge and I will take old Woody out for a spin.  I will send your money on to my charity after I deduct the cost of feeding Woody and maybe renting my saddle to myself.  You know, for charity — the one I pick.


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11 thoughts on “Charitable Contributions vs. Sponsorship

  1. Perhaps you should check this out with woody. Maybe he won’t co-operate unless you’re raising money for The Retired Overworked Ranch Horse Club? Furthermore, if he knows the money is for charity, he may well take a spin himself and leave you home.
    It really would be easier on him and save that saddle rent. You could walk for some other charity at the same time, thus raise twice as much.

    • I did talk to Woody. He would like to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro so we will need airfare and supplies to really do this right — for the sake of all those over-worked ranch horses who are counting on us. We might contribute a little to the zebras, since we will be in Africa. The more you give, the more we can give the zebras because we have to take our expenses off the top.

      • He probably hasn’t a clue what he’s in for? He’s likely only heard of the place. Have you showed him a picture? Have you explained about the heat?
        He’d have to go “bargain package”, too; folks do when they’re doing stuff for charity. But there are probably plenty of Africans who’d gladly rent a hut to some crazy American horse. Warn him that the hay over there is apt to give him diarrhea. (It wouldn’t do much for you, either.)

  2. I understand , been there., YE S ME, on that end. 🙂

    • So, how much can you send to Woody? We need about $10,000 for our trip. Remember, it is not for us, it is for the zebras, who really hope we can climb the mountain. Don’t send the money directly to the zebra foundation because then our trip would not be paid for.

      • 🙂 As I was reading this. Hubby brings a handwritten note from Shrine Club. Apparently they want our stuff from the Thrift store that is now officially out of business. :/ Go figure.

  3. Perfect.
    Hey, I’ll donate $100 to Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. . . go ride that beautiful buckskin, but just for funzies. . . and because I no longer have my “morcheron” (percheron/morgan, big beautiful red bay with black feet, two white fetlocks and a star on her muzzle and between her eyes). 🙂
    Ride because you can, for all of us who cannot any more.

    • Thanks, Sandra. Make your donation directly to the Boundary Waters non-profit. I will tell Woody that he is fortunate to have me ride him, but he might wish he was a Morcheron instead of a little Quarter Horse. I’m a pretty big guy. Still Woody actually seems to enjoy our rides. He comes up to the fence to be caught. He is not herd-bound and gleefully leaves his friends behind.

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