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War Over The Peace Pipe

It would be appropriate at this point to insert a photo of the peace pipe which is the subject of this post.  Instead, you will have to use your imaginations.

Picture a beaded pipe made of a hollowed stick as the pipe stem and a hollowed piece of antler as the bowl.  It was decorated with some rabbit fur and feathers hanging from rawhide skillfully wrapped around the stem.  It was purchased by my wife and me at a craft show featuring Native American artisans.  We purchased it because our log home has an Old West theme.  We put the peace pipe on display in our front room.  It fit the decor.  As we interior decorators say, it served as an accent piece and conversation piece.  Sugar and I bought it as a mutual anniversary present to each other last fall.  It thus had sentimental value.

So, you wonder, why not post a picture?  Did you catch the word “was” as I described our precious peace pipe in the preceding paragraph?

It has been destroyed.  It is on the front porch now, taken from inside the house by someone disrespectful of authentic replicas.  The antler bowl is missing.  The rabbit fur and feathers and rawhide are missing.  The stem has been chewed.  The bands of little moccasin-type colored beads are still on it, but are wasting themselves on a chewed stick destined for the trash.

Who would do such a thing?

The usual suspect — Beau, the Yellow Labrador Retriever with the criminal mind.

This means WAR!

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10 thoughts on “War Over The Peace Pipe

  1. I suspect Sadie. The chewer. Or perhaps it was a coordinated effort. —- Look at your beads carefully, if they are hand made or of silver or semiprecious stones they have value of themselves.

  2. It is not an attractive piece of art. It still has a little hoof on it, even hocks. I decorate with antlers but not feet. Beau has poor taste in proper decor. His pen, which is a stall in the barn, is a mess, with the stuffing from blankets unstuffed and strewn about. The horses peek in and are appalled. Woody chases pronghorns but never brings them home, certainly not up on the deck, nor into his stall. Plus, Woody’s breath smells better than Beau’s. Yes, I am showing favoritism — for good reason.

  3. What a shame to lose such an item.

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