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Miss Sugar and the Lawnmower

Miss Sugar doesn’t cotton to rattlesnakes.  She has killed a few, both with a shovel and her .410 shotgun, but she is, after all, a girl.  She doesn’t have the flair for it that I have shown over the years, such as described in my post called Me and Pecos Bill.

As a scared little girly girl, she wanted me to cut the grass (and weeds) that are closest to the house so the snakes would have no place to hide in our immediate vicinity.

So I said to Miss Sugar, with indisputable logic, “I would love to cut the grass (and weeds) Sugar, except I can’t start the lawnmower on account of the starting cord does not work right.”

I even showed her the mechanical problem.  “See, Sugar, the cord doesn’t re-wind so i can’t get a good pull and, not only that, since you are just a girl, you can’t do it either.”

That was a thoughtless comment.  One should not tell Miss Sugar that she can’t do something.  Of all people, I should have remembered that.  I sure do know it from countless other similar situations.

So, Miss Sugar worked on the mower.  Successfully.

“There’s your trouble,” she explained, pointing to something mechanical.  “Give it a pull now.”

The dang thing started.  Dang it!

So, I just finished mowing.  Now I will go have a big glass of Miss Sugar’s good lemonade.  I’d fix some myself if I knew how.

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16 thoughts on “Miss Sugar and the Lawnmower

  1. HAA! LOVE IT! My husband and I have these types of exchanges about various things. GO Miss Sugar! 😉 Girly Girl heh? My husband sometimes refers to me as the princess and the pea. But sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. And sometimes, she can do it better! SMILES. Loved this post!

  2. Man do I know the feeling! Great stuff

    • Does your lawnmower work?

      • Don’t know, haven’t tried it in years. 3 hour of driving a day back and forth to work means I would have NO life if I mowed it and it isn’t on my brides list of things she is willing to do. The feeling, however, applies to many other aspects of married life!

  3. This is why necessity is the MOTHER of invention and not the FATHER.

  4. You, sir, are whipped big time. 🙂

  5. Miss Sugar to the rescue again!

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