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The Price is Right

Sugar and I stayed at a motel run by the National Park Service, within a national park which I will not identify because of what I am about to write and I don’t want to discourage tourism there.

Apparently, it is illegal to trap mice in the national park, although I don’t understand why.  Maybe mice are considered wildlife.  Whatever.  They are not in danger of extinction.

Our first hint about the presence of mice was a device plugged into almost every electric socket in our motel room.  I recognized the device.  It emits sounds than cannot be heard by humans but are supposed to be unpleasant to rodents.

The device was not effective.

In the middle of the night, my wife told me that something had, get this, run across her face.  I tried to reassure her.  I said it was probably my hand as I slept.  She wondered if my hand has a tail.

She was not comforted by my theory so I turned on the lights.

Sugar screamed, ever so daintily.  “There it is!  There is a mouse in my suitcase.”

Her suitcase was open and on a chair by the bed.  She was correct.   I saw it too.

Now get this.  I got two clear plastic cups from the bathroom and, with lightning quickness of hand, covered the mouse with one of the cups.  Then I tipped the cup up and at the same instant put the bottom of the other one on top of him by stacking the cups.  Don’t try this unless you have extraordinary eye-hand coordination.  (See my blog “Me and Pecos Bill.”)

In the morning, I took the evidence into the lobby of the motel.  I explained about Sugar being traumatized and showed the mouse in the cup.  They told me to let it go outside.

I am familiar with catch and release for fish, but this was my first mouse release.

Guess what!  We didn’t have to pay for that night’s lodging.

Next time we go there, provided Miss Sugar ever consents to stay there again, we will bring a mouse along with us just in case we aren’t as lucky as we were that first visit.  You know, so the price is right.

Minnie Mouse Bows 16 oz. Plastic Souvenir Cup


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8 thoughts on “The Price is Right

  1. Where’s Beau!!!! This sounds like a good job for him to take care of???? Mouse patrol….

  2. Mice don’t belong in the house! Or in the bedroom! Or in the motel! Once when we lived in the Phillipines, I opened the kitchen cupboard, and the nasty little critter was sitting on his haunches, looking at me. To hear my husband tell it, I gave out a blood curdling scream, not dainty at all.

    He came running out of the bedroom, the only air conditioned room in the house to see if someone was attacking me or what!

    Well, my husband, gallant guy that he is, scraped the mouse into a bucket. He said I gave it a heart attack, and threw it out in the yard.

  3. Ah, mice know no limits when it comes to lodging. One of our teachers at a teachers convention held at the Lake Shore Hilton in Chicago spotted a mouse in the room. She and her roommate bravely cornered it, called the front desk, and someone was sent to–kill it! Chicago mice were not safe then. They didn’t get anything off the room though. They did move rooms. It was quite an ordeal. My husband and I got an earful the next morning! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Hanta virus. Need some owls and hawks and cats and dogs and better carpentry. A few years ago a motel/camp ground National Park had quite a few confirmed cases of Hanta originate on site.

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