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Batman and His Daisy BB Gun

I have a Red Ryder BB gun, a replica of the model made famous by the cult movie, ‘A Christmas Story,” about the protagonist, Ralphie, who dearly wanted that very BB gun for Christmas. ~: A Christmas Story (1983) Post Refresh and ...

I like bats because they eat bugs.  I even put up some bat houses intended to attract them.

Before I say anything that can be used against me in a court of law, I want to pose some questions for my readers.

— Are bats a protected species on some government list?

— If, hypothetically,  a bat gets inside one’s house, is it lawful to kill it?

— Is it lawful to discharge a Red Ryder BB gun inside one’s log cabin?

— If one finds a bat that is, hypothetically,  in a deceased state as a result of a mortal wound inflicted by a well-placed BB, for example, is there any risk to one’s septic system if one flushes the deceased creature down the toilet?

They call me Deadeye because I’m such a sure shot.  Rather, I should say, if, hypothetically, I was to shoot my Red Ryder in my house, I might be a good shot.  Just sayin’.  It is a matter of positive self esteem and optimism about success if I did someday lawfully discharge a gun such as a BB gun.

I won’t write any more on this subject until my questions above have been answered.  I’m just wondering about hypothetical situations so that I can act responsibly and within the constraints of the law if ever faced with a situation involving bats inside my home.

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2 thoughts on “Batman and His Daisy BB Gun

  1. I have, hypothetically, had the same questions. My BB gun is not a Red Rider, and I have no answers to the questions. I am not a layer and I can’t afford one! Better keep the bats out, eh

  2. “– If one finds a bat that is, hypothetically, in a deceased state, is there any risk to one’s septic system if one flushes the deceased creature down the toilet?”

    The only threat I see here is that of a clogged line, and that depends on the design of the log cabin, hypothetically, of course.

    The rest, I haven’t asked the questions for fear of the answers.

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