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The Teacher Who Could Not Learn

I know a couple whose daughter was born with many severe problems.  The doctors did not expect the baby to survive, but she fooled the experts and lived nine years.

The little girl’s name was Abby.  She had two older, healthy, athletic, bright  brothers.

Abby’s  mother spoke at her funeral, which I attended.

She said that the doctors did not believe that Abby’s minimal brain was capable of thought.  She could not learn.  She never walked or talked.  She could not even roll over.  She was utterly helpless her entire life.

Her mother then offered a profound insight.  Abby could not learn, but she could teach.  She taught patience, she taught acceptance, and she taught kindness.

I suspect she felt love.  In her small world, she was always secure.  She lived at home and was cared for by her parents and brothers and occasional friends and professional caregivers who gave the family a break from their constant responsibilities.

She was loved!  Who can prove whether she felt love?  Who can say whether she perceived love? Who can say whether she loved back?

Now, Abby is in Heaven.  I  say with confidence that now, at least, she knows.  Now she is whole.  Now she loves her brothers and parents.  Now she knows they loved and still love her.  Now she knows what a extraordinary teacher she was for them and many others.

God blessed the world with Abby, the teacher who could not learn.

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12 thoughts on “The Teacher Who Could Not Learn

  1. WOW……….. this would make a great MS&D story!!!! When you get thru reading it, you can only say “WOW”…….

    Take Care my friend and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  2. Abby’s parents are friends. Joe was honored to watch Abby on occasion. Even now he remembers being filled with awe by her presence and says she taught him the true meaning of Holy Innocence. It’s far too often presumed that only we can teach and far too rare that we are taught. Be open to the lessons as well as the teachings; you will be better for it.

  3. WOW…had to post a tear jerker didn’t ya!
    Excellent post, sir, excellent post!!
    Wishing you God’s best from Ohio ~}

  4. BRIAN THOMS Owner on said:

    Thanks for sharing.  Sometimes we need reminders that often we learn life’s greatest lessons from the meek and humble.

    Please say hello to Karen Mary, your gorgeous wife and friend!  Will get together when we return from New Jersey.  Have taken several photos of effects of the force of Mother Nature–yes, nine months after the tropical storm/northeaster…


    Jeanne & Brian

  5. People reflect the wonderful nature of God in so many unexpected different ways!
    Thank you for sharing this!

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