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The Abbey of St. Walburga

These are our neighbors. They are cloistered nuns who live very disciplined spiritual lives in a Benedictine order.

As part of their ministry, they host some retreats and classes. This week my wife taught a clay art class for children held at the Abbey.  Last summer she taught a watercolor class for adult women.  The year before, Sugar and her mother participated in a contemplative art retreat.

They also operate a farm.  Get a load of their bottle-fed Oreo calf.  They grow hay and have an apple orchard.  They have chickens too.  I’m not sure what good the llama does, but I see that they have one.  They raise bees for honey.

They have a gift shop too, with books and crosses as well as some hand-made items.  Sugar bought an afghan there.

Another money-maker for them is making wooden caskets, which are shown in the video.  I’m not in the market for a casket just yet, but Sugar might be picking one out for me since I saw her thumbing through the life insurance policy on me the other day.

An interesting fact:  One of the sisters is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and was a Naval officer for 20 years before becoming a nun.  They come from diverse backgrounds.


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5 thoughts on “The Abbey of St. Walburga

  1. I highly suggest full screen. This was very settling to view after a rather unsettling evening. Thanks for posting. Good for Miss Sugar to share her talent.

  2. Wow. Beautiful. My goodness, I wish they did writer’s retreats. I could totally live there a summer. Almost makes me want to convert 😉

  3. Thank you!

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