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Beau Learns to Share

I have written many blogs about Beau, one of our Yellow Labs.  In most of the posts, Beau is shown to be a trouble-maker.  This one is different.

Everyone knows that dogs and cats fight like, well, like cats and dogs.

We have a cat named Simba.  Simba is an outside cat.  We feed it in the barn.  It has a cat bed in the barn.  It has a job.  The job is to hunt mice and keep our country home free of rodents.

It is actually a pretty good hunter.  We know that because it brings us trophies.  The trophies show that the cat has made a kill and started, but not finished, a meal.  Sugar would rather just take the cat’s word for it about hunting success.  She is disgusted by Simba’s efforts to document successful hunts.

Simba is supposed to be a barn cat, not a porch cat.  However, it spends its leisure time on our deck, lounging with the dogs.  We feed our dogs on that deck.

Beau has apparently noticed the cat’s ability to kill.  Recently, Simba has boldly gone to Beau’s bowl as soon as it is filled.  Beau waits and watches Simba eat his meal.


Maybe Beau is being polite.  Maybe he is “chicken.”

After viewing the animal photos herein, tell me which one is the pussy.



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4 thoughts on “Beau Learns to Share

  1. LOL love this! Super special when someone feels calm enough to allow a visitor. Cute!

  2. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    Another Beau story, but one involving one of the cats as well. Ask yourselves: Which is the pussy?

  3. A lover and not a fighter?

    • Apparently. Or a sissy, chicken, pussy, etc. He also lets Sadie eat out of his bowl. She finishes quickly and then sees what he has left. The bullies take his lunch money, or, actual lunch.

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