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What? Me worry about al-Qaeda?

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If my memory is correct, and it is, during the election campaign, President Obama bragged many times about having defeated or at least decimated al-Qaeda, which he assured us was on the run.

Football coaches often put on the locker room bulletin board articles that say the opposing team is favored to win.  It motivates the players to prove the articles are wrong.  Disparaging quotes are also locker room material for the same reason.  President Obama’s comments that al-Qaeda had already lost are probably on the bulletin board of al-Qaeda’s locker room.  Maybe the candidate’s attempt to re-assure the electorate riled up the jihadists.

We should not be surprised to now be warned about al-Qaeda presenting a “credible threat” which was taken seriously enough to cause embassy closings  in Muslim countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The threats were taken seriously enough to cause U.S. citizens to be warned that traveling abroad might be particularly dangerous right now.

After the Benghazi tragedy, I am glad that precautions are being taken — this time.

I am simply wondering whether President Obama, having been re-elected, has changed his perception about al Qaeda as posing a danger to our country and citizens or just changed his public relations spin.   He is certainly entitled to change his view in light of new evidence.  I just wish he had been correct when he told us not to worry.

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6 thoughts on “What? Me worry about al-Qaeda?

  1. Don’t worry. Be happy.

  2. Maybe we should send Beau to the White House????? He seems to be a go-get-em kind of personality!!!!

    Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  3. I will always believe that Benghazi was a staged set up that went terribly wrong. I don’t know why no one has thought that–maybe they have, but I havne’t heard. President O wasn’t backed up like he thought he would have been and the Muslims did not protect him. That’s how foolish his plans are. He actually trusted what he heard out of the Middle East Muslim crowd. That’s just my opinion.

  4. I know, I still giggle at the press conference that Bush had with the big Mission Accomplished sign! It’s all politics.
    I’m just sorry so many people have to die when idiots in cities and suits make poor decisions.

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