Shootin' the Breeze

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A Call for Black Leadership

Maybe I missed it, but the news media and black politicians have not decried the racism behind the murder of the Australian baseball player, Christopher Lane, by three Oklahoma youths.

The victim was white.  The alleged murderers are black.  However, the teen driving the car, also charged, appears white.  The victim did not attack them, he was jogging and they were in a house, then got in a car to follow him, so self-defense is not an issue as it was when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.  Instead, the killers explained that they did it because they were bored and wanted to see what it is like to kill someone.

Maybe it is a coincidence that the young man they killed was white.  I don’t know how they picked Chris Lane.  If they picked him because he was white, that is a racially-motivated killing.  Based on tweets of one of the killers, it does appear racially motivated.

The protesters seeking post-trial “Justice for Trayvon” ignore Trayvon’s involvement by slamming the head of George Zimmerman into the concrete sidewalk.  It is not clear at all that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon because of his color even if he followed him because of his color.  The jury found he killed Trayvon in self-defense.

There has not been a trial yet for the Oklahoma killers, but I do not expect that self-defense will be argued.  Were they bored enough to kill just anybody or only bored enough to kill someone white?

Despite exaggerated comments, Trayvon was not killed because it was “open season” on young blacks.  Sadly, it appears that Chris Lane died precisely because it was open season on him simply for being white.

I don’t have the credentials to call a press conference and tell the world that the murdered Christopher Lane looks like he could be my son and that I know what it is like to play baseball.  Let us have a march in which we all wear baseball caps.  It worked for hoodies as the style of the persecuted (and Bill Belichek).

What I hope to see is the same black leaders who are appalled by what happened to Trayvon  be appalled by what happened in Oklahoma.  And to call it racism.

The question is this:  Can whites be victims of racism?

We know the answer but it is not as worthy of media attention.  Go figure.

Let us all — black, white, asian, native American, mid-eastern and hispanic — oppose racism rather than compete about who is more of a victim.

Let us call a wrong thing a wrong thing every time.  To do less is hypocritical by being inconsistent.  To do less is, well, racist.


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