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Bucked Off and Getting Back On

I confess that I have been bucked off many horses, many times.  I have been bucked off other things as well.

There is a saying that gives me some comfort.  “Ain’t a horse that can’t be rode; ain’t a cowboy can’t be throwed.”

Unless it is a bronc at a rodeo, who bucks for a living, and you are not allowed to get back on, there are two important reasons to get back on after being bucked off.

One reason is very simple.   If you don’t get back on, the horse won and will think that it can get you off whenever it wants.  So, for training purposes, and for the horse’s own good, you want it to learn that it can’t get away with it.  You want it to learn that you are boss; that you are in control.

The second reason to get back on is for your own good, for your self esteem, I guess, to not quit and to not be afraid.

Besides horses, there are other things in life that buck folks off.  (I am not talking about bulls, which are not really intended to be ridden anyway, at least not by me.)

Getting cut from a team is like getting bucked off.  It is  surprising that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team and inspiring that he did not quit basketball.  Some say that he turned out to be a pretty successful player.  Some say the best ever.

Getting fired, getting divorced, declaring bankruptcy, losing a loved one who dies, and health problems of all sorts are examples of life bucking you off.   When you are laying in the dirt, you often do not feel like standing up, mounting up, and taking another ride.  Those are the times to “cowboy up.”

Sometimes, I suppose we are more like the horses doing the bucking.  You might say that people who are recovering from addictions are trying to get a “monkey” off their backs.  From another perspective, you might say that making choices that lead to addiction could be to escape life’s demands, like you are trying to buck off responsibilities.  Either way, addictions involve bucking too.  Overcoming addiction is like getting back on the horse because it requires re-taking control.

God knows when we get bucked off, whether literally or by being cut from a team, fired from a job, divorced from a spouse or any of the ways we fall and land hard.

God also knows when we are bucking.  Like a good horse trainer, He does not give up on us.  He has ways of letting us know that we are not in control.

The Bible tells us that the hairs of our heads are numbered, that God knows when a sparrow falls from its nest, and that, lo, He is with us always.

Our heavenly Father is always ready to help us get back in the saddle.

From personal experience, most of us realize that “there ain’t a cowboy can’t be throwed.”  If you haven’t been throwed yet, you will be.

It is by faith we see that with God’s help “there ain’t a  horse that can’t be rode.”


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20 thoughts on “Bucked Off and Getting Back On

  1. This is wonderful. Kudos~

  2. Do you realize what an inspirational writer you are!!

  3. Is this the sermon that Miss Sugar volunteered you to preach? ‘Twould fit in Riding For the Brand …

    • Wow! You are very insightful. I wrote the blog because I had to come up with a sermon, so, yes, getting bucked off is the theme of the sermon. You are smart.

      • Smart something or other, anyway. You wrote a lovely sermon. I imagine you will be to perform convocations for everything from now on. Miss Sugar has good ideas.

      • She is the wind beneath my wings. Actually, she is a lot to keep up with and she pushes me with her volunteerism.

      • “you will be to perform” oops, typo you will be ASKED to perform —— I repeat: Miss Sugar has good ideas. Volunteerism and pro bono are essential spirit-wing stretches to enable flying. You are both blessed. An essential part of your blessings is that you both know it. I do enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing your gifts. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His Countenance shine before you and give you peace. — Bear

      • May the Lord bless you too! Also, congratulations for the honor awarded to your father by the French government for his valor in WWII.

  4. OK, Is this your sermon for the Cowboy Church? If it is; it’s a good one!!!!

    Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  5. It’s a good lesson for us all. There is the other angle, too: sometimes God has a different horse He wants us on. A different job; a different place, etc.

    Many a young person can be misled by outward appearance, but finds they were mistaken. Miss Perfect or Mr Right isn’t interested in marrying them. They hit the dust. Later they find someone much more practical, someone they can really live with.

    • Thanks for those excellent comments. I agree that it is often better to switch horses. Maybe I should have said get back in the saddle. I sure did not mean to show up for a job after being fired or not accept when a spouse divorces you, etc. I mean to not stay on the ground after being bucked off.

  6. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    This is the short version of a talk I have given at a cowboy church and at our local homeless shelter chapel.

  7. Very inspiring, and words that definitely gave me a boost this morning. Thank You.

  8. cheers to ‘cowboy-ing up’, and getting back in the saddle.

  9. Great post! I’ve done some of my best riding after picking myself up out of the dirt. It can be very humbling, but always a learning experience (for both me and the horse) 😀

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