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Why the British aren’t coming

I agree. President Obama painted himself into a corner. Now his pride is on the line. Why is this red line promise so important? Hasn’t he broken plenty of other promises?


obamaIn the last century the British have been first up to deal with the threat of evil: we were trying to stop the Kaiser a full three years before the Great Republic got involved, and we (along with the French) were the only ones ever to declare war on Nazi Germany without being attacked by it or one of its allies; we have been extremely grateful for American help, which has always been invaluable, and during the Cold War Years, and after, have stood with the USA when many others failed. So why, on this occasion, have we declined to get involved in taking action against Syria?

In part it is because we have, none of us done so over the last two years, despite thousands of deaths and millions being made refugees. We have not done so for a variety of reasons: the UN can’t, because Russia and China…

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